560. Sentinel Black-Oxide

The Victorinox Sentinel Black-Oxide model is a rare variation of popular Sentinel model. Accordingly to the SAKWiki: The Black-Oxide Sentinel Clip (0.8416.M3) was first introduced in the special limited edition Victorinox Military Collector’s Set 2010. This All Black / Blackout version features black-oxide coated blade, liners, spring, keyring, and clip with black Nylon scales. The … Continue reading 560. Sentinel Black-Oxide

413. Sentinel Plus

Very simple and laconic knife – Sentinel Plus. It’s similar to another model with the same set of tools, but another lock-mechanism: Cowboy.In comparison with well-known Sentinel knife, this model has additional Phillips screwdriver (on back side). Seems, this knife (I’m talking about regular Sentinel) has a maximal possible amount of variations (from 111-mm models): it can … Continue reading 413. Sentinel Plus

486. Lovec Limited

Hi All, As I promised in last year :), I have to announce another model of Victorinox knife, which was released exclusively for Czech market – Lovec Limited! In comparision with original Lovec, this model has horn scales and… doesn’t have back-side Phillips screwdriver. Photos:     Related models: Lovec Sentinel  SAKWiki

485. Lovec

In 2015 Victorinox released for Czech market very unique knife – “Lovec” (“Hunter” in english). It looks as regular Centinel but with additional wood-saw and Phillips screwdriver on the back. This model was available in two colors – black and green (my knife). Besides this, one more knife was released together with Lovec and again … Continue reading 485. Lovec

432. Cowboy

Cowboy is a very simple 1-layer 111-mm Victorinox knife. This knife has a long history – first versions included can-key in the Phillips screwdriver (never seen such variation, I found this info in SAKWiki). My version of this knife is relatively modern, so it has latest variation of Victorinox shield on scales and no can-key.  ­ … Continue reading 432. Cowboy