631. Waiter

The Victorinox Waiter is a laconic single-layer model in 84-mm form-factor, formerly known as Bartender (in US market). For sure, I already have several Waiters in my collection, even with Hoffritz inlaid on scales, but this specimen doesn’t have a toothpick/tweezers, so it makes it relatively unique. Photos:   Related models: Gourmet Apprentice Bantam SAKWiki

436. Waiter Plus

Another  one relatively rare knife from Victorinox, which I never seen on eBay, and again, which was created for my collection by real expert of modding – Ivan. Technically, Waiter Plus is a just “enlarged” (from 84 to 91 mm) Waiter model. In comparison with original one, this knife has “plus” scales (including removable pen and … Continue reading 436. Waiter Plus

642. Golfer Special

The Victorinox Golfer Special really is a very special (and rare!) model. There are no too much information about it in internet, even SAKWiki has a very laconic article about it (picture of knife within this article looks a little bit familiar, isn’t it?). I suppose (but I don’t have any proof, of course) that … Continue reading 642. Golfer Special

635. Gourmet

The Victorinox Gourmet – another “rare bird” from 84-mm family. Unlike this one (sorry for the ugly pictures, hope will be changed to better ones.. someday..), it has solid corkscrew. Interesting fact: Victorinox Gourmet is a one from few models which were produced with Alox (smooth) scales and.. corkscrew, did you know it? Photos: Related … Continue reading 635. Gourmet

My wish-list

Short disclaimer: all pictures on this page are taken from SAKWiki / MultiTool.org / other SAK-enthusiasts societies’ and belongs to their owners. If any picture, which are displaying here is yours and you doesn’t allow use it – please contact with me and I’ll remove it. 91-mm models The practical Tool-Set. Altimeter Plus (original) Angler … Continue reading My wish-list

538. Workman – VSAKCS 2011

This is another limited model from VSAKCS – Workman and (in comparision with previous one) – it’s an absolutely unique. It looks like enlarged version of Apprentice (84 mm) model. Definetely rare and valued knife! Photos: Related models: Waiter Plus Apprentice SAKWiki VSAKCS on SAKWiki (2000 – 2013) VSAKCS Club Knives (2000 – 2009)

484. Bantam

Victorinox Bantam is a small (84-mm) 1-layer knife only with two tools – main blade and combo-tool (Cap-lifter in earlier models). It was produced in dozens variations – with and without toothpick \ tweezers; with keyring and without it; with different types of scales etc. Photos:   Related models: Waiter Lumberjack Apprentice Bantam II  SAKWiki

437. Apprentice

Victorinox Apprentice is a single-layer 84-mm knife. It looks very similar to another rare 84-mm model – Electrician, but instead of electrician blade has a combo-tool. This knife, as several others was assembled by Ivan. UPDATE: Finally I got the original Apprentice Photos:   Related models: Electrician Waiter  SAKWiki

Outdated. SAKs for exchange

Short synopsis: I’m going to describe here all duplicates of Victorinox (and several Wenger) knives, which I have. If you’re interesting with them (and have something interesting for exchange 🙂 – please contact me. For sure, I’ll specify here also list of Victorinox knives, which I would like to buy (or change). Hope, I’ll finish … Continue reading Outdated. SAKs for exchange