664. Outrider Damast LE2017

I’ve already mentioned several times, that in 2017 Victorinox discontinued slide-lock series (in 111-mm form-factor). So, it wasn’t a big surprise, when were announced, that as part of Damascus limited run, will be presented a new edition of very popular Outrider model (but with liner-lock for sure).
More interesting detail was the fact, that this version of Outrider will not include wood-saw and corkscrew.
Let’s review some pictures?
P.S. I’m not absolutely sure about materials of scales. On official press-release it was specified like:
…Epicurean scales with sequential numbering. These are manufactured using environmentally-friendly wood fiber material, that accentuate the elegant design.

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424. Spartan Damast LE 2014

In 2014 year company Victorinox released as Limited Edition knife probably the most known model — Spartan. This knife as all previous LE has damasteel blade and limited to the 5’000 peaces worldwide.
­In comparison with previous year’s knife (Explorer 2013 LE) this one has much more accuracy wooden scales (I understand that it sounds very strange, but yes, I can confirm again — 2013 LE model had ugly polished scales).
It’s hard to say anything new about so famous knife as Spartan, so I prefer to post a lot of pictures instead 🙂
424_02 424_03 424_04