609. Bijou SD (G.Bush signature)

A regular Bijou SD model, but with signature of somebody by name “G.Bush” (who is this person?) and gold logo of US vice-president.

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605. Cadet (Copper colored)

The Victorinox Cadet is a very popular Alox model in 84-mm range. But this one is something relatively rare. Let’s check what SAKWiki knows:
A Copper colored model was available for a short time prior to 2006 and is considered a collector’s item.
P.S. Special thanks to Mile Živković  for the help with identifying!

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595. Skipper CS

The Skipper CS is an unofficial name for the variation of Skipper model with fully-serrated blade (the same name convention as for already mentioned Helmsman CS).

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589. Huntsman BSA (Fieldmaster in fact)

Current model is an another example of strange logic of Victorinox distributors, that was discussed many times (with no success).
In 1990-x they’re released a series of some Victorinox knives for the “Boy Scouts of America” organization. In this series were included next knives: Adventurer, Classic, Sentry, Tinker, Explorer (was listed by some dealers as Yeoman!), Climber and Pocked Pal (was released with name FeatherWeight).
Today’s hero also was a part of this huge series, but with name of different knife – Huntsman (actually it’s a Fieldmaster, no doubt).
Why, Carl Victorinox, why?

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588. Fisherman

The Victorinox Fisherman – old and vintage model with shackle, clip-point small blade and squared Phillips screwdriver with nail-file.

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587. McKinley (Tinker)

The McKinley model is a one from few models, which all are part of series “Famous Mountains”. Actually, all of them are regular models, but all has serrated blade instead regular one.. and new name instead of habitual one.
So,  – McKinley, also known as Tinker – third item from “Famous Mountains” series in my collection.

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585. SwissChamp XXLT

The Victorinox SwissChamp XXLT knife is a one of fews, produced specially for stupid people collectors. Moreover – it’s a one from three (or four?) models which has extremely rare tool – Butane Lighter.
Short summary: nice, valuable, not suitable for EDC.

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584. Lumberjack (old version)

Few weeks before I’ve reviewed a predecessor of current model LumberjackModel 2231. Ooops, now Lumberjack called as Walker, I can not get used to it..
But lets talk about knives. Today’s knife is a predecessor of Lumberjack model, which was a predecessor of today’s knife Walker… Much better 🙂
As Model 2231, this knife has a cap-lifter instead of combo-tool and cellidor scales instead of Alox ones, but doesn’t have dedicated name. At least, I couldn’t find it yet.

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