696. Soldier 1961 (1996)

On the face of it, this is one more Soldier in my collection of such models, – everything the same as usual, except small detail. This is not a «real» Soldier, it never wasn’t issued to the Swiss Army. I think, you’ve already discovered this really small difference, it’s a key-ring, which is never was present on Soldiers, only on Pioneers.

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695. Cadet

This is week of show of rarities (and modesty) in my blog, isn’t it?
Today we’ll review pretty nice and relatively vintage Cadet. It’s already almost modern model, – it got a nail-file instead of small clip-pointed blade, but still has old ribbed Alox scales. Moreover, this knife almost new!

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693. Settler (Model 2205)

Some Victorinox models were produced for the years and collect several modifications of the same knife (I’m talking about all possible..) looks like interesting (and very long) quest.
Usually this quest started from latest (modern) variation of some model and, later on you will find another, older one and so on, so on, so on…
Usually.. but not this time. Considered knife is known as Pioneer Settler. Simple one-layer model with just two blades. It sounds weird, but I still cannot find modern variation of this knife (0.8050.26).
Instead of it I got an oldest variation, which initially was called as Model 2205.
Red scales, old cross, clip-pointed small blade and Elinox tang. Just a combo, huh?

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692. Dogbone (Duchess)

What interesting could be reviewed after Mauser model? I suppose that it might be also rare and valuable model. What about Dogbone (or Duchess in other words)?
Vintage, pretty rare knife with unique shape of scales – just a diamond in any collection, isn’t it? Especially when you already have another Dogbone variation – Model 630.

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691. Mauser

This knife is a real «unicorn» for all Victorinox collectors. Despite the fact that it was produced in relatively huge amount (SAKWiki mentioned 250’000 units), it still highly valuable and expensive.
Technically this model is enhanced GAK 108 (or Trooper) with added clip-point blade (and some small additions, like logo on scales and etching on blade).

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685. Model 237 (pre-Camper)

Now this model is known as Camper (1.3613), but no doubt, that specifically this knife didn’t have own name, – this one from epoch when Victorinox company used only numerical indexes for naming their models.
My assumption – this is model 237.
Are you agree with me? Any comments/suggestions?
(Pay attention to tangs on back side of blade and can-opener, – in my collection it’s a first knife with such combination)


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684. AutoTool. First prototype

Victorinox AutoTool is definitely unique and strange multi-tool which was produced for the short period of time and discontinued soon (due to some issues with quality of plastic parts).
Even it was produced during few years only, it had a two modifications. Second one is more common and popular, – has only one difference from first release of AutoTool, can-opener was replaced by technician screwdriver.
I bought a second variation of AutoTool few years earlier and I was very interesting to find first version (for reasonable price). Once I’ve discovered that first AutoTool was listed on eBay, I’ve placed a bid.. Later on I got an email – congratulations, you’re the winner, bla-bla-bla…
Could you imagine how I was surprised, when I got my parcel, opened it and found that actually I didn’t get what I expected?..
Instead of first version I got… let’s call it zero-version of AutoTool. It looks absolutely as first one, but it has mirror-finish (like SwissTool has) instead of common (for later AutoTools) dull bead-blast finish. Accordingly to some discussions in the web, we can assume, that it was a first prototype of this interesting multi-tool.
Am I happy with this purchase? For sure yes. Do I need a first version? How do you think? 😉

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677. Master Fisherman

Looks like today we’ll have an overview only of unusual Victorinox knives.
So, let me introduce another rare model – Master Fisherman. Earlier we already had a chance to met with this knife, but this one has some minor differences (which can be recognized only by some crazy.. I meant true collectors).
So, Master Fisherman, – technically it’s the same Fisherman but with pliers.
From other hand – the same Angler Deluxe but with Phillips screwdriver instead of corkscrew.

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676. Lumberjack Big

The Lumberjack Big (it’s an unofficial name) is one of the most mysterious Victorinox knives, which I ever seen since I’ve started collect them. There are no too much information about it on the internet (except couple of pages on multitool.org).

Technically it’s a «increased» version of 84-mm Lumberjack with added corkscrew. This model was produced during limited period of time only for European market; it had only number 3.3311 and no own name. Besides this, this knife never was present is any catalog.
So, I definitely can name this model as real rare knife, are you agree?


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675. Golfer 84 (b)

The Golfer (84-mm), no doubt, is a one of the fundamental models from Victorinox. We can call it as «father» of modern Compact.
Victorinox Golfer 84 was produced in many variations, including different types of scales and even different tools.
Suffix «b» in naming isn’t official, it’s my personal marking, which I’m using for understanding that this a second variation (first one, which I prefer to call Golfer 84 (a) has a small blade instead of combo-tool.
Is it necessary to say that variation of Golfer 84 which includes a long nail file is a highly valuable?

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674. Rucksack

The Victorinox Rucksack is a relatively popular and well-known 111-mm model, but this one is really a rare one. It was produced once specially for local Swiss market. I’ve looked for this one for the years… and one day dream became a reality.
Isn’t it a beauty?

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668. Hoffritz LE2 (Troubleshooter)

The Victorinox Troubleshooter is very unusual model.
As far as I know (I’m not sure for 100%) first time Victorinox released this model for the promo-company of Marlboro company (as part of «Marlboro unlimited» series).
The second run was done for US reseller Hoffritz with special naming: Hoffritz LE2 (first edition (LE1) was also quite interesting and I still looking for this model).
The main differences from regular Troubleshooter:
  • no hook;
  • no chisel
  • old-style Phillips screwdriver (with can-opener)

Besides that, – big inlaid «LIMITED EDITION 2» on the back scale and serial number, stamped on liner (mine has number «1969/2000»)


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662. Cadet II

The Victorinox Cadet II is the same model as regular Cadet, but with small blade  (clip-pointed) instead of nail-file. Historically this version was produced before regular Cadet, but as sometimes happened (the same situation with Bantam / Bantam II), later on new version got a ‘Cadet‘ name while this one – Cadet II.

More interesting thing – it has not typical for this form-factor material of scales, as you can see, they’re smooth (and beautiful!)


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661. Executive

The Victorinox Executive is a 74mm model with unique tool — orange-peeler.
Interesting fact: the same model, but with stainless steel scales has unique name — Director, all others (cellidor, wood, Alox and even gold and silver) shares the same name Executive.

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647. Fischermesser

One more knife from «fish» series – as many others, without own name. In collectors’ societies is known as «Fischermesser» (accordingly to naming from old German catalog from Victorinox).
I have another variation of this knife in my collection, but version with special design of scissors still only in my wish-list..

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646. Angler Deluxe

The Victorinox Angler Deluxe is a model which was produced during relatively short period of time. It one layer wider than base Angler, this additional layer includes scissors and multipurpose hook.
Interesting fact: accordingly to SAKWiki, this model had several names through the years: at beginning it was called as Waterman, later on – it was known as Angler with Pliers.
But Angler model already included pliers, isn’t it? Maybe more logical was call this model «Angler with Scissors«?
The answer should be as «yes» either «no». The reason of this «strange» naming was in fact, that first edition of Angler (Angler Original in other words) had scissors instead of pliers.

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645. Bladeless

Two previous posts were about Apple JetSetter’s family − small pocket knives without blade. Earlier we’ve also reviewed some other knives from this series (I mean JetSetter at all, not only made in contribution with Apple) − JetSetter 1 and JetSetter 3.
All of them are direct descendants from old model with surprising name − Bladeless. As I’ve already mentioned before, the only one small difference between this model and more modern JetSetter 1 − it’s a replacement of pen by toothpick.

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