681. SwissTool BS

In 2016 Victorinox company released two new / old models of multi-tools: SwissTool and SwissTool Spirit. Why “new / old”? Because they’re absolutely the same models, as produced before, but with new black-oxide coating (like in previously realized special runs of these multi-tools for Danish / Finnish / etc army forces).
We’ve already reviewed SwissTool Spirit XBS in the past, now let’s review the older brother – SwissTool BS.
Official press-release (in German) available here.

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619. Spirit XBS

In 2016 Victorinox released a “new edition” of two existing models of multi-tools: SwissTool and SwissTool Spirit. The main discrepance between old and new versions – black coating on new models (“Burnished steel“) and added crimper to the pliers. New models were released with names SwissTool BS and SwissTool Spirit XBS.

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561. SwissTool Spirit X

As usually, letter ‘X’ in model’s naming of Victorinox multitools means, that scissors are present in this multitool. So, let me show the Spirit X – the same Spirit but with usefull scissors and without ugliest butter-knife.

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526. SwissTool

The Victorinox SwissTool was introduced in 1997. Later on several modifications with different set of tools were released (Version X – with scissors and RS – with belt-cutter). Original version (regular SwissTool) also had a lot of small modifications due to the evolution of tools. The last known (for me) modification – is a current one, when serrated blade changed own shape from regular to the wharncliffe blade.


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517. SwissTool Spirit S

The SwissTool Spirit is a one from very small variety of multi-tools made by Victorinox. Basically, Victorinox produced only two (2!!!) models of multi-tools, – mentioned Spirit and more massive SwissTool, but each of these models has several variations.
Let’s talk regarding Spirit’s modifications. At the beginning I’d like to say, that I’m not going to classify it’s modifications by color of coating and/or additional tools (I mean Plus packages) – only by tools’ combinations.
Each Spirit model has 10 base tools (stored in handles) + pliers. Several of these tools (8) are common for all existing modifications.
Base tools for all modifications are:
  1. Wood saw
  2. Awl with hook at base
  3. Cap lifter/6mm screwdriver/crate opener/wire bender notch
  4. Chisel/scraper/wire strippers/wire cutter
  5. Metal file/Metal saw
  6. Can opener/3mm screwdriver (Flat/Phillips)
  7. Phillips screwdriver (No 1,2)
  8. Small long screwdriver (2mm)
Tools, that can be found only in specified modifications:
  1. Scissors
  2. Serrated sheepsfoot blade (butter knife)
  3. Regular plain blade
For the current moment three modifications of Spirit are exists (again, I’m talking only about modifications with different tool-sets):
  • Spirit – has scissors and butter knife (no regular blade);
  • Spirit S – has butter knife and regular blade (no scissors);
  • Spirit X – has scissors and regular blade (no butter knife).
Besides this classification, known sub-modification of Spirit X with changed pliers – special tool blasting-cap-crimper was added to the nose of them. Originally this version of Spirit was developed for Army forces, but later on this model became available for everyone.

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