676. Lumberjack Big

The Lumberjack Big (it’s an unofficial name) is one of the most mysterious Victorinox knives, which I ever seen since I’ve started collect them. There are no too much information about it on the internet (except couple of pages on multitool.org).

Technically it’s a «increased» version of 84-mm Lumberjack with added corkscrew. This model was produced during limited period of time only for European market; it had only number 3.3311 and no own name. Besides this, this knife never was present is any catalog.
So, I definitely can name this model as real rare knife, are you agree?


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671. Classic SD

Unfortunately, I still have no information about previous unrecognized Classic SD. Hope, this time I’ll be more lucky..
So, another Classic SD with unusual print on scales, looks like some kind of special run. If you have any details about it, – please let me know.

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670. Classic SD

The Victorinox Classic SD with very fancy printing scales (might be more logical on Caddy / Golfer models).
I have no idea to which limited run it belongs, so again I’m asking for help from other enthusiasts with recognizing (Nemanja, I suppose you might know 😉

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642. Golfer Special

The Victorinox Golfer Special really is a very special (and rare!) model. There are no too much information about it in internet, even SAKWiki has a very laconic article about it (picture of knife within this article looks a little bit familiar, isn’t it?). I suppose (but I don’t have any proof, of course) that this model was exclusively produced for US market only.

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641. Super Timer

Which model from Victorinox knives is a most ‘equipped‘?
If we will exclude from all variety of models few ones, produced not for people but for collectors, in result we’ll get a Super Timer — ‘older brother’ of famous Swiss Champ.
Additionally to all tools from Swiss Champ, this model has an analogue clock  (like TimeKeeper has) in own scales (and missing tweezers as result of this substitution).
Rare and nice.

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check tang

615. Manager II

The Victorinox Manager is a popular 58-mm model with 2 layers of tools. The subject of today’s article looks is very similar to this model, but with some small discrepance — instead of Phillips screwdriver it has a regular flat screwdriver.

Earlier in my blog I’ve already reviewed a knife which had a some difference from parent model — I’ve called that knife as ‘Midnite Manager II‘ (’cause I didn’t find any information about such variation). So, based on this naming covention, I propose to call toda’s knife as ‘Manager II‘ (at least untill I’ll find any confirmed information about it’s name).


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550. SwissChamp XLT

The SwissChamp XLT isn’t so popular as EDC knife, but very valuable as collector’s item 🙂
This is an «enhanced» version of SwissChamp model, but little bit wider (11 layers instead of 8 layers in regular model).

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546. Handyman. Old variation

The Victorinox Handyman knife could be a good example of model’s evolution.
Initially (in 197x) it was a 6-layers model with absolutely the same tool-set as old Champion model with only one difference — it never included long nail-file (as Champion did).
Later on Handyman was re-designed due to the availability of new tools  (I mean pliers, which was released in 1986) — fish-scaler was removed, fine screwdriver also was updated to the modern shape. After 1991, multifunctional hook was added to the Handyman tool-set.
P.S. The same situation is related to the Crafsman model — it also has 2 major editions — old (with fish-scaler) and new one (with pliers).

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491. Commander (pre-Bijou)

Probably, this is a shortest post in this year.
I don’t have any idea what the model it should be?
Looks like Bijou without toothpick and tweezers. As far as I know, old-style nail-file was present only on Executive 58 model, but this model were produced with Alox scales only…
Looks strange. Any help will be very appreciated
UPDATE: It should be a Commander model — it was Bijou predecessor from 1970s. Pictures from old catalog were added to the post.
Thanks for help, Julius! 🙂
P.S. In Hoffritz catalog from 1977 this knife was mentioned as Tinker (model 11096)
 491_01 491_02 491_03 491_04 491_05 491_06 491_07






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476. Manicure I

Small. Rare. Bladeless. It’s all about Manicure I model — one of few Victorinox knives without blade.

As SAKWiki said:

Some people have reported an earlier version with the toothpick rather than the removable pen.

Now I can confirm that both versions are exists and when I’ll make good-quality picture of Manicure II (version with toothpick), I’ll update appropriate article on SAKWiki.

476_01 476_02 476_03 476_04

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473. Fischermesser (235 fma ?)

First of all I have to say, that probably I was wrong and this knife is a another modification of  Fischermesser. If you’ll compare images of actual knife with the pictures from Victorinox catalogs (see below), you will find several differences.

  • There are no shackle (keyring instead of it). So it cannot be 235 fmaU fo sure (U — means shackle).
  • Fish inlay on original scales (knife was repaired, photo of original knife you also can find below) was placed on bottom side (Victorinox shield also was present there, as on today’s models Angler/Fisherman). Original Fischermesser had fish inlay instead of shield on top side of scale.
  • This knife has an additional tool (in comparision with 235 fmaU) —  on back-side.

I summary — I don’t know what exactly this model is. I never saw it before and I couldn’t find any information about this knife yet.

So any your help (with identifying this knife) will be very appreciated!

P.S. Knife was repaired (replacing of both blades, new scales) by my friend Ivan.

473_01 473_02 473_03 473_04 473_05 473_06 473_07
What was before:
fischermesser victorinox-1970s-catalog-26-models-pg-01

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456. Traveller

Traveller model is a «enhanced» variation of famous Climber model — it has the same tools and additionally electronic tools in scales.

From another perspective, we can call Traveller as a combination of two previously released models — Altimeter and Voyager. As we remember, Altimeter knife had all Climber tools plus digital Thermometer / AltimeterVoyager — again, had Climber tools plus Digital clock / alarm / timer. Traveller model includes all these digital tools (and additionally — Thermometer).

Interesting fact #1: in order to fit in scales all electronic tools, this model includes specially designed (shorten!) tweezers.

Interesting fact #2: name «Traveller» was previously used by Victorinox for another knife — original Traveler was a regular Climber but without key-ring.

456_01 456_02 456_03 456_04 456_05

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428. Mechanic Jr.

Some models of Victorinox knives were produced as special run in very limited quantity (sometimes — for specific brand). Mechanic Jr. (or Special Mechanic) is an example of such model. It’s very valued (by true collectors, of course!) knife and relatively rare.
As probably all SAK-interested people knows, this is a smallest (91-mm) model of Victorinox knives, which includes pliers. It looks similar to Compact, but there are no hook in this model, pliers instead of scissors and Phillips screwdriver instead of corkscrew. Besides these differences, both are almost the twins.
Unfortunately, all my attempts to win eBay auctions with this knife were failed.. Did I meant that this knife is very valued? 😉
So, in order to fill this «empty space» in my collection, I’ve asked one my friend (thanks, Ivan!) to make… let’s call it «custom» or «mod» Mechanic Jr.
Result of his work you can view on pictures below. In my opinion, knife looks like original (I know that scale should have inlaid text «Techline«, but no other choice for now).
Anyway, I’m looking for original Mechanic Jr. and maybe some days, I’ll add new masterpiece to my collection. Keep fingers crossed 🙂
Update (2017-07-18): I got an original Mechanic Jr.!


  • OFFICER SUISSE +crossbow (back)

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