543. Technician

The Victorinox Technician is a definetely rare model in 93-mm format which equipped with another rare tool – technician (or small in other words) screwdriver.
In addition to these combination of uniqueness, my knife was an official model for Swiss Federal Railways – on the top scale you can see stamped letters SBB-CFF, which means abbreviation for the name of this company in two languages, German and French accordingly:
Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB),
Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses (CFF)

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534. First Mate

The Victorinox First Mate is a 3-layers Alox model with pretty unusual (for this form-factor) tool. I’m talking about marlin-spike, – secret weapon of yachtmen and other marines. Majority of 93mm models with this tool are limited, extra-rare and high-valuable.


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445. DAK KL91 (Soldier 1961)

Very popular model Victorinox Alox Soldier 1961 were profuced for Dutch Army. They’re were divided for two branches – for Royal Army (Koninklijke Landmacht) and for Royal Navy (Koninklijke Marine) and were marked by abbreviations: KL and KM accordingly.

In comparision with original Soldier model, this variation included keyring. Year of production wasn’t marked at the back tang, but was stamped on the front scale together with abbreviation KL/KM.


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410. Excelsior Alox

These two knives (#410 and #411) are almost identical except one detail – first one has old cross on scales, second – doesn’t.
There are pretty good models, which unfortunately discontinued for current moment.
History of this and related models (I mean Popular, Secretary and Pocket Pal models) are full of ambiguity and uncertainty, – as I said before, Victorinox’s tradition of using old names for new models again make me crazy….Photos:

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