560. Sentinel Black-Oxide

The Victorinox Sentinel Black-Oxide model is a rare variation of popular Sentinel model. Accordingly to the SAKWiki:
The Black-Oxide Sentinel Clip (0.8416.M3) was first introduced in the special limited edition Victorinox Military Collector’s Set 2010. This All Black / Blackout version features black-oxide coated blade, liners, spring, keyring, and clip with black Nylon scales. The blade is one-hand opening with a plain-edge and a standard v-grind. Knives that were produced as part of the collection are numbered. A limited number of knives produced for sale in Europe outside of the collection are not numbered.

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529. Soldier 2008 (Fu Br 41)

This version of Victorinox Soldier 2008 (militarian version of civilian Trailmaster) I bought accidentally here, in Ukraine. I was surprised with a logo, printed on top scale – something which was called a “Fu Br 41“.
After short (very short) investigation I founf information about this Swiss army unit – Command Support Brigade 41.
In Deutch it sounds more dramatically (I’m not sure that can pronounce it ;):
Die Führungsunterstützungsbrigade 41 
Besides that, it’s a regular SAK 2008 (year of production is 2011).
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503. Forester OH

The Victorinox Forester is a 3-layer 111-mm which was produced in several variations – with One-hand and regular blades, with standart neylon and Dual-Grip scales. Current instance is a Ohe-hand variation with serrated blade and usual black scales.

Interesting  fact: version with One-hand regular (non-serrated) blade was produced during a very short period and for now it’s a highly collectible item!

503_01 503_02 503_03 503_04 503_05 503_06 503_07 503_08 503_09
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489. Trailmaster OH

I’ve already described both variations of Victorinox Trailmaster models (with One-Hand and regular blade) before in my blog.

This instance is a newer variation of OH version; in comparision with older one, it has more circular hole on main blade (see last picture)

 489_01 489_02 489_03 489_04 489_05 489_06 489_07

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481. Dual Pro X

Victorinox Dual Pro X is a 3-layers 111-mm knife, which was available only with Dual-Grip scales, was produced during short period of time (2010 – ???).
It’s very similar to model Dual Pro (but has plain blade instead of serrated one and Phillips screwdriver instead of corkscrew).
Another similar knife – it’s a DAK 2010, almost the same tools (except serrated blade) and scales (which are the same as in GAK 111).
481_01 481_02 481_03 481_04 481_05 481_06 481_07 481_08


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463. Nomad OH

Nomad is a 2 layer 111-mm knife with the base set of tools. Initially it was available with standart black neylon scales, but later (in 2010-2011) several modifications were introduced:

  1. Nomad with Dual Grip scales
  2. Nomad with Dual Grip scales and with One hand blade
  3. Nomad with regular (black) scales and One hand blade – current one


463_01 463_02 463_03 463_04 463_05

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