529. Soldier 2008 (Fu Br 41)

This version of Victorinox Soldier 2008 (militarian version of civilian Trailmaster) I bought accidentally here, in Ukraine. I was surprised with a logo, printed on top scale – something which was called a “Fu Br 41“.
After short (very short) investigation I founf information about this Swiss army unit – Command Support Brigade 41.
In Deutch it sounds more dramatically (I’m not sure that can pronounce it ;):
Die Führungsunterstützungsbrigade 41 
Besides that, it’s a regular SAK 2008 (year of production is 2011).
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515. Cheese knife

The Victorinox Cheese knife was released in 2013 specially for US market. As probably you know, original version of this knife (also known as Käsemesser) was released exclusively for Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG as limited series in 2010. Probably, Victorinox decided to renew success of this model and as result new model was released. It’s almost the same knife, but with few small discrepancies:

  • now knife includes tweezers;
  • usual scales with printed shield on it;
  • lock-release button is grey;
  • no etchings on blade;
  • regular box instead of special packaging (version in blister packaging also was available).

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503. Forester OH

The Victorinox Forester is a 3-layer 111-mm which was produced in several variations – with One-hand and regular blades, with standart neylon and Dual-Grip scales. Current instance is a Ohe-hand variation with serrated blade and usual black scales.

Interesting  fact: version with One-hand regular (non-serrated) blade was produced during a very short period and for now it’s a highly collectible item!

503_01 503_02 503_03 503_04 503_05 503_06 503_07 503_08 503_09
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499. Adventurer (BSA)

The Victorinox Adventurer is a very old and popular 111-mm knife with simple set of tools. Usually it was produced with plain main blade only, but specially for BSA, it was released with serrated blade (version with plain blade and BSA print also known, but I still haven’t it 🙁

P.S. Usually I’m trying add to my posts some related images (from old catalogs etc.), but just today I’ve mentioned that in this brochure (see image below) from Victorinox, Fieldmaster model annonced as Huntsman. Is it mistake, what do you think?

499_01 499_02 499_03 499_04 499_05 499_06 499_07 499_08
1082x836_Victorinox 1990 Brochure - Scouting Models - Side 2

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489. Trailmaster OH

I’ve already described both variations of Victorinox Trailmaster models (with One-Hand and regular blade) before in my blog.

This instance is a newer variation of OH version; in comparision with older one, it has more circular hole on main blade (see last picture)

 489_01 489_02 489_03 489_04 489_05 489_06 489_07

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463. Nomad OH

Nomad is a 2 layer 111-mm knife with the base set of tools. Initially it was available with standart black neylon scales, but later (in 2010-2011) several modifications were introduced:

  1. Nomad with Dual Grip scales
  2. Nomad with Dual Grip scales and with One hand blade
  3. Nomad with regular (black) scales and One hand blade – current one


463_01 463_02 463_03 463_04 463_05

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460. Hunter XT-CS

At the beggining I should say that Hunter XT-CS is an unofficial name for the knife which was released as known Hunter XT, but with corkscrew instead of Phillips screwdriver. In Canadian marker this knife was known as Hiker XT.

Hunter XT-CS, like all other knives in Hunter series, announced in 2012 year, doesn’t have layer with can-opener and cap-lifter. It’s uncommon decision, because all other 111-mm knives (except some limited editions for Czech market) has these tools.


460_01 460_02 460_03 460_04 460_05 460_06

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453. Skipper

Victorinox Skipper is a 4-layers 111-mm knife oriented for marine usage. As previously reviewed Helmsman, it also has unusual blue scales with Windrose print and includes special tool: shackle opener with marlin-spike.

In comparision with Helmsman, this knife has additional pliers and inline Phillips screwdriver. Instead of backside Phillips screwdriver it has corkscrew.

Similar to the Helmsman, Skipper exists with two types of serrated main blade:
  • fully serrated  (Skipper CS ???)
  • ¾ serrated

Version with red coloured scales probably also exists (as earlier models), but I didn’t seen them.

453_01 453_02 453_03

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439. Helmsman

Victorinox Helmsman is a 3-layers 111-mm knife with unusual (for this form-factor) blue color of scales and white print of wind rose.

First version of Helmsman had usual red scales without any print and was known as Mariner (I’m still looking for this model for reasonable price, by the way!).

This knife contains unique tool which was designed specially for marine usage –  Shackle Opener with Marlinspike.

My variation of knife has partially serrated blade, version with fully serrated blade also exists and known as Helmsman CS (unofficial name).

439_01 439_02 439_03 439_04

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427. Hardwood Cheese Knife

In 2013 Victorinox announced a new model – Hardwood Cheese Knife, which we can call as “inheritor” of Cheese knife. As his predecessor, this knife also have special cheese blade (for now only these 2 models contains this tool), but also has additional opener’s layer.
Hardwood cheese knife is a 3-layer knife with liner-lock (original Cheese knife has slide-lock!). In comparison with other models with liner-lock, in this knife only main blade can be locked in opened position, there are no possibility to lock bottle-opener (flat screwdriver). Also, as you can see from pictures – there are two differences from other liner-lock models:
  1. bottle-opener is smaller than usually (only slide-lock knives has such type of bottle-opener)
  2. reamer (awl) has sewing-eye (again — as other slide-, not liner-lock models).
So, in this knife we have a combination of very unique features:
  • hardwood scales
  • cheese blade
  • non-locking (smaller) bottle-opener
  • unusual awl

I think, it’s good enough for one knife, isn’t it?

 427_01 427_02 427_03


  • PATENTED (back)

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426. Parachutist OH

One-handed version of Parachutist model originally was known as Rescuer. Later on, probably when Rescue Tool model was introduced, was renamed to the current name – OH Parachutist. It almost the same as regular Parachutist, but with the serrated blade.
Another interesting thing – older shape of opening hole on the main blade (more elliptical than modern one).
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422. Dual Pro

Dual Pro knife is a 3-layer 111-mm model which is a relatively new (was introduced in 2010 in US market). This model exists only in one variation – with Dual-Grip scales, so there no tweezers and toothpick.
It has two blades, both for one-hand operations. One of them is a well-known serrated blade as many other models (like OH Trekker, OH Forester) has, another one – special gutting blade (as far as I know it was specially developed for hunters). Both blade are serrated. Due to the shape of these blades this knife is not so comfortable for regular use – closed blade doesn’t allow well fit knife in your hand. My opinion – good for collectors, but bad choice for regular using.
 422_01 422_02



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