Outdated. SAKs for exchange

Short synopsis:

I’m going to describe here all duplicates of Victorinox (and several Wenger) knives, which I have.
If you’re interesting with them (and have something interesting for exchange 🙂 – please contact me.

For sure, I’ll specify here also list of Victorinox knives, which I would like to buy (or change).
Hope, I’ll finish with current listing till the end of March.

List of knives, which I’m looking for:

  1. Old Victorinox knives (1900 – 1960)
  2. Alox knives (specially discontinued models)
  3. Models with unusual scales (wood / stone / horn / pearl / etc.)
  4. Limited edition knives
Besides that, following models:
58 mm models:

84 mm models:

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