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Hi there!

I’m Alex (also known as LeaF) – an author and owner of, blog dedicated to Swiss Army knives. I’ve been a SAK collector from 2012, two years later, in 2014 I’ve created my blog and started posted short photo reviews about Victorinox knives from my collection and some related information.

From the beginning this blog was a part of my hobby, created by one enthusiast for other enthusiasts and collectors. The main goal for me was sharing information and knowledge about these masterpieces – pocket knives from Switzerland.

I’ve tried to do the same in many other places, like well-known SAKWiki or SAK-related forums (like, and many Facebook groups of SAK’s fans. I’m proud and glad that I’ve met many friends and colleagues here, on the web.

Starting from 2014 my blog was non-profitable and ad-free place and I wish that it will stay the same place without annoying pop-ups and other garbage (see update at the bottom).

Unfortunately, the cost of required resources (hosting, domain-name, etc.) becomes more expensive every year. Recently I got a notice from my service-provider, that tariffs will be seriously increased soon (something like 40% up to the current prices).

Sadly, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to continue paying for hosting further. Probably you know that today the situation in my country is far from normal; honestly, we all have other, higher priorities in this hard time, more important than hobbies.

I see two available options here:

1. I will not renew my subscriptions when the current one expires, so this blog will be available for a few months more and will be switched off after. I want to restore it back later (maybe with a new name), but again, I cannot promise anything. Especially now.

2. Another option – ask you, my readers, and followers, to support my blog. So, if you think that this blog has some value to you, please support it with your donation. I never asked for such kind of help, since this blog always was part of my hobby, but today I cannot support it by myself only.

Due to the PayPal limitations, I can receive only personal payments (called “Friends and family”).

My account is: leaf.avf (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for your support,

Alex Fedun,

Owner / administrator of


UPDATE: I’ve already enabled ads from Google on my site. Hope you understand that I don’t have any other choice 🙁