700. Nomad (Finlandia Patrol)

Are you tired? Hope, no and we can continue to review knives from Finland LE which are part of my collection. Actually this one is last (from this series), but who knows, maybe soon we’ll see another one…
So, popular and well known Nomad became a.. Finlandia Patrol. Just a kind of (Finnish) magic, I suppose.
By the way, did you noticed that we’ve already reviewed 700 knives in this blog? Isn’t this an achievement? 😉

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699. Tinker Small (Moomintroll and the Groke)

We made a good progress with reviewing limited run of Victorinox knives specially for Finland, so I don’t see any reason why we should stop.
Small Tinker isn’t a popular model in general, but it was produced several times as limited run (for instance – as part of «Black series» from 2010).
The same is true for this series – knife was dedicated to the world famous characters (known as  moomins) from books by Finnish novelist Tove Jansson.

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698. Climber (Finland Jubileum Edition)

In previous post we’ve talked about fancy design of special run of Victorinox knives for Finland. Let’s continue review these unique models, today we’re going to review Climber model with colors of Finnish flag. If I’m not mistaken, with the same scales was released also SwissChamp (which additionally has etching with serial number), maybe sometime..

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697. Sportsman (Pikku-Jussi)

Few years ago specially for Finland, Victorinox company released a couple of well-known models but with fancy scales and (sometimes) with new names. First model, which will review from this series will be a Sportsman with interesting pattern on scales and marvelous name ‘Pikku-Jussi’.

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696. Soldier 1961 (1996)

On the face of it, this is one more Soldier in my collection of such models, – everything the same as usual, except small detail. This is not a «real» Soldier, it never wasn’t issued to the Swiss Army. I think, you’ve already discovered this really small difference, it’s a key-ring, which is never was present on Soldiers, only on Pioneers.

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695. Cadet

This is week of show of rarities (and modesty) in my blog, isn’t it?
Today we’ll review pretty nice and relatively vintage Cadet. It’s already almost modern model, – it got a nail-file instead of small clip-pointed blade, but still has old ribbed Alox scales. Moreover, this knife almost new!

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694. Pioneer (LE-2011 for guns.ru)

In 2011 Russian forum guns.ru (their sub-forum of SAKs enthusiasts) released as forum knife of the year Victorinox Pioneer model with special engravings on blade and back scale. Unfortunately I wasn’t participate in forum’s life then, so when I got an ability to buy this knife later, I didn’t reflect too long..
By the way, it’s a good opportunity to say «Thanks!» to everybody from SAK society in forum.guns.ru for their knowledge and help.

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693. Settler (Model 2205)

Some Victorinox models were produced for the years and collect several modifications of the same knife (I’m talking about all possible..) looks like interesting (and very long) quest.
Usually this quest started from latest (modern) variation of some model and, later on you will find another, older one and so on, so on, so on…
Usually.. but not this time. Considered knife is known as Pioneer Settler. Simple one-layer model with just two blades. It sounds weird, but I still cannot find modern variation of this knife (0.8050.26).
Instead of it I got an oldest variation, which initially was called as Model 2205.
Red scales, old cross, clip-pointed small blade and Elinox tang. Just a combo, huh?

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692. Dogbone (Duchess)

What interesting could be reviewed after Mauser model? I suppose that it might be also rare and valuable model. What about Dogbone (or Duchess in other words)?
Vintage, pretty rare knife with unique shape of scales – just a diamond in any collection, isn’t it? Especially when you already have another Dogbone variation – Model 630.

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691. Mauser

This knife is a real «unicorn» for all Victorinox collectors. Despite the fact that it was produced in relatively huge amount (SAKWiki mentioned 250’000 units), it still highly valuable and expensive.
Technically this model is enhanced GAK 108 (or Trooper) with added clip-point blade (and some small additions, like logo on scales and etching on blade).

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690. FASS 90

Extremely unusual model, specialy for such conservative company like Victorinox. In first opinion, it might looks more logical if this knife is belonging exclusively to Wenger, – they very often used to use some non-ordinary tools in their knives… So, that’s also true, – originally this knife was produced by Wenger, but later on, Victorinox released it under own trademark.
So, let me introduce this unique model: FASS 90 (Fusil d’assaut 90/Fucile d’assalto 90) with the sight adjustment tool – created specially for SIG 550 and STG 90 assault rifles.
Highly recomend to review related thread in multitool.org forum (link below).

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688. ATM 2 — Outrider for Malaysian Armed Forces

Earlier in this blog, we’ve already reviewed special version of Outrider, which was produced for Malaysian Armed Forces (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia – ATM).
The current knife is a second variation, it also has a back-side Phillips screwdriver instead of corkscrew and, additionally, – all tools are black-coated.
Comparative pictures see below.
UPDATE: found another small difference: original ATM has small label ‘SATRIA’ on back scale, new one – doesn’t.

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687. Ranger

The Victorinox Ranger is well-known 91-mm model which was produced for the years. Due to some evolution of included tools, this model has a variety of possible tools combination. Current one has a mix of «old / new» tools, – it includes old-style «grooved» corkscrew and new-style of technician screwdriver for instance.

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686. Explorer

Victorinox Explorer – the favorite model of Carl Elsener (link 1, link 2),
4 layered knife in 91-mm form-factor with new type of magnifying glass.
New addition to the big family.

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685. Model 237 (pre-Camper)

Now this model is known as Camper (1.3613), but no doubt, that specifically this knife didn’t have own name, – this one from epoch when Victorinox company used only numerical indexes for naming their models.
My assumption – this is model 237.
Are you agree with me? Any comments/suggestions?
(Pay attention to tangs on back side of blade and can-opener, – in my collection it’s a first knife with such combination)


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684. AutoTool. First prototype

Victorinox AutoTool is definitely unique and strange multi-tool which was produced for the short period of time and discontinued soon (due to some issues with quality of plastic parts).
Even it was produced during few years only, it had a two modifications. Second one is more common and popular, – has only one difference from first release of AutoTool, can-opener was replaced by technician screwdriver.
I bought a second variation of AutoTool few years earlier and I was very interesting to find first version (for reasonable price). Once I’ve discovered that first AutoTool was listed on eBay, I’ve placed a bid.. Later on I got an email – congratulations, you’re the winner, bla-bla-bla…
Could you imagine how I was surprised, when I got my parcel, opened it and found that actually I didn’t get what I expected?..
Instead of first version I got… let’s call it zero-version of AutoTool. It looks absolutely as first one, but it has mirror-finish (like SwissTool has) instead of common (for later AutoTools) dull bead-blast finish. Accordingly to some discussions in the web, we can assume, that it was a first prototype of this interesting multi-tool.
Am I happy with this purchase? For sure yes. Do I need a first version? How do you think? 😉

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683. Standard. Marlboro Unlimited

If you’ve started to read my blog earlier than yesterday, hopefully you remember interesting special run from Victorinox which was released in collaboration with Marlboro company. This series includes several models (mostly 91-mm) and even Standard model already was reviewed in my blog earlier. Today’s knife also is a Standard model, but it looks absolutely different than other members of this series, instead of small logo it has a huge print «Marlboro» on front scale.

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681. SwissTool BS

In 2016 Victorinox company released two new / old models of multi-tools: SwissTool and SwissTool Spirit. Why «new / old»? Because they’re absolutely the same models, as produced before, but with new black-oxide coating (like in previously realized special runs of these multi-tools for Danish / Finnish / etc army forces).
We’ve already reviewed SwissTool Spirit XBS in the past, now let’s review the older brother – SwissTool BS.
Official press-release (in German) available here.

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