Category: 6-layer

774. Craftsman

Victorinox Craftsman is a big (six-layered) knife in 91-mm format, which has undergone many changes during years of production. First version

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522. Champion (a)

The Victorinox Champion (type a) was a flagman of all 91-mm models before SwissChamp was released in the middle of

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500. CyberTool Lite

The Victorinox CyberTool series (CT) includes several modifications. Current knife has a unique feature (Light layer) and, as result contains

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400. Craftsman. Old variation

Photos: Related models: Handyman Master Craftsman  SAKWiki Craftsman (Model 1.4793) Prior to 1987, the Craftsman model, first introduced around 1973,

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306. Expedition Lite

Photos: Related models: Mountaineer Lite Huntsman Lite SAKWiki

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232. Champion (b)

Photos: Related models: Champion’s family Craftsman, old variation SAKWiki

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