546. Handyman. Old variation

The Victorinox Handyman knife could be a good example of model’s evolution.
Initially (in 197x) it was a 6-layers model with absolutely the same tool-set as old Champion model with only one difference — it never included long nail-file (as Champion did).
Later on Handyman was re-designed due to the availability of new tools  (I mean pliers, which was released in 1986) — fish-scaler was removed, fine screwdriver also was updated to the modern shape. After 1991, multifunctional hook was added to the Handyman tool-set.
P.S. The same situation is related to the Crafsman model — it also has 2 major editions — old (with fish-scaler) and new one (with pliers).

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522. Champion (a)

The Victorinox Champion (type a) was a flagman of all 91-mm models before SwissChamp was released in the middle of 1980xx.

As SAKWiki mentioned, it was a very strange practice when the same name Champion was used for the different models — with corkscrew (Champion a) and Phillips screwdriver (Champion b) on the back-side. Usually models with such tools replacement got a different names (like Spartan / Tinker).


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500. CyberTool Lite

The Victorinox CyberTool series (CT) includes several modifications. Current instance has a unique feature (Light layer) and, as result contains more tools than CT34, but less than CT41.

500_01 500_02 500_03 500_04 500_05 500_06 500_07 500_08 500_09 500_10 500_11

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433. WorkChamp

The Workchamp is a larger 111-mm model (it has 6 layers) with maximum amount of tools, available in this form-factor (we’re not talking about Workchamp XL, which actually is bigger, but keep in mind that’s just a special model for collectors).

There are no two many variations of this knife, of course, as all slide-lock models, Workchamp is available with red- and black-colored scales. Earlier models didn’t included long inline Phillips screwdriver (like old Outrider from my collection)


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400. Craftsman. Old variation


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Craftsman (Model 1.4793)

Prior to 1987, the Craftsman model, first introduced around 1973, had some important tool differences in addition to the standard evolutionary changes in the tools or common changes like the hook.

a. includes Fishscaler
b. no Pliers
c. no Chisel