585. SwissChamp XXLT

The Victorinox SwissChamp XXLT knife is a one of fews, produced specially for stupid people collectors. Moreover – it’s a one from three (or four?) models which has extremely rare tool – Butane Lighter.
Short summary: nice, valuable, not suitable for EDC.

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584. Lumberjack (old version)

Few weeks before I’ve reviewed a predecessor of current model LumberjackModel 2231. Ooops, now Lumberjack called as Walker, I can not get used to it..
But lets talk about knives. Today’s knife is a predecessor of Lumberjack model, which was a predecessor of today’s knife Walker… Much better 🙂
As Model 2231, this knife has a cap-lifter instead of combo-tool and cellidor scales instead of Alox ones, but doesn’t have dedicated name. At least, I couldn’t find it yet.

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583. Tinker (David’s Star)

Very popular model – Victorinox Tinker, but without famous Swiss Cross. Instead of habitual cross, this knife has a David’s Star on the same place.
I think that you have already guessed, for which country this knife was released, isn’t it?

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580. Spartan (Avianna club’s model)

The Victorinox Spartan – is a most popular knife for different advertisements.
This is true for the avia-club “Avianna” from Switzerland.
Warning: some spoilers in photo section! 🙂

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576. Secure

The Victorinox Secure was a model with a 3rd generation USB Flash Memory (the same one, as was used in Presentation Master model). It was a first implementation of USB-stick with finger-print module.

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575. TimeKeeper

The Victorinox TimeKeeper – an early variation of this unusual model.
The clock has dial with two Roman numerals (XII and VI) and 10 dashes (thanks, SAKWiki!).
Interesting fact: have you ever seen such paper instruction, as one which was included to this knife? I’ve faced with such type first time…

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574. JetSetter 1

The Victorinox JetSetter is a direct descendant of Bladeless model which was introduced in 2012. It has only one difference with it’s predecessor – JetSetter model has a toothpick instead of removable pen in Bladeless model.
Seems, it was a very simple discrepance between these models, but this time Victorinox again did the best…
JetSetter wasn’t a name for one dedicated model, this word was used as name for the whole series of few new models. I’m not going to describe all these models, information about this series can be easily find on SAKWiki, I just would like to mention that my knife – is a first variation fron this series, or JetSetter 1 in other words.

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573. Master Fisherman

The Master Fisherman is a definetely rare model. There are no enough information about this model in the web (except some topics on MTO).
Even SAKWiki mentioned absolutely nothing about this unique knife (but few weeks ago one good fellow added new page with short description there! ;))
So, Master Fisherman – extended variation of Fisherman by adding pliers.

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572. SwissChamp (100 Years)

Twenty years ago in honor of 100-years jubilee, company Victorinox announced a special run of limited series “100th Anniversary (1897-1997)”. This set included a two models:

I found first model from this list in mint condition, second one very hardly used..


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571. Carpenter

I’ve started to collect Victorinox knives approximatelly 5 years ago. I didn’t thought that probably, once I will say – “I have them all! :)”
Of course I’m talking about possible situation when some series or some set of models will be completely present in my collection…
One day this dream made a reality. Few months before (maybe 1 year? – I don’t remember exactly) I’ve bought a last member of my 111-mm models. It was a model named Carpenter. For the long months it was a my Unicorn-SAK, I’ve tried to find it everywhere… Moreover – once I won this knife on eBay auction, but unfortunatelly, parcel with this knife was lost on it’s way to the Ukraine. Second attempt was more lucky and I’ve decided that mission completed, my collection of 111-mm is full. But again, it was 1 year before, I didn’t supposed that when I will post info about this knife in my blog, Victorinox released a lot of new 111-models in 2017.

So, for now (2017-July) my collection still have a lot of missed knives… Seems, this story will be continued.


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