691. Mauser

This knife is a real «unicorn» for all Victorinox collectors. Despite the fact that it was produced in relatively huge amount (SAKWiki mentioned 250’000 units), it still highly valuable and expensive.
Technically this model is enhanced GAK 108 (or Trooper) with added clip-point blade (and some small additions, like logo on scales and etching on blade).

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688. ATM 2 — Outrider for Malaysian Armed Forces

Earlier in this blog, we’ve already reviewed special version of Outrider, which was produced for Malaysian Armed Forces (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia – ATM).
The current knife is a second variation, it also has a back-side Phillips screwdriver instead of corkscrew and, additionally, – all tools are black-coated.
Comparative pictures see below.
UPDATE: found another small difference: original ATM has small label ‘SATRIA’ on back scale, new one – doesn’t.

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679. Locksmith OH

Not only Forester model got a plain one-hand blade in 2017 year (this is a sad date, when whole slide-lock 111-mm series was withdrawn), as you can see from pictures below, Locksmith model now also available with such kind of blade (..and glamour red color of scales also).

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654. Cheese knife

As I wrote in previous post, in 2017 Victorinox did a great surprise (If you know what I mean) for all collectors – they re-released some old models with slide-lock mechanism but this time with liner-lock. Technically (from my point of view) these models should be named as new ones, but Victorinox didn’t think so..
So, let’s review «new old» model – Cheese knife. In comparison with previous one, this model has a locking (and bigger) cap-lifter, awl without sewing eye and new locking mechanism for sure.

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651. Trailmaster

The Victorinox Trailmaster is a 3-layers 111-mm model, which actually is a civilian version of GAK / Soldier 2008. This one has a camouflage scales with advertisement’s print on it. If I’m not mistaken, this run was for ULINE company.

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640. Climber BSA (StayGlow)

I already have several knives from BSA run, Climber with StayGlow scales also is a part of my collection. Hope, you’ll agree, that Climber BSA with StayGlow scales also should join this honorable society.

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595. Skipper CS

The Skipper CS is an unofficial name for the variation of Skipper model with fully-serrated blade (the same name convention as for already mentioned Helmsman CS).

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594. Forester

The Victorinox Forester isn’t rare model. Even One Hand Forester model. But One Hand Forester with plain blade — it’s a rare bird. I even say — it’s an «extemely rare bird». But it’s true for the past, because in 2017 Victorinox re-launched variation One Hand Forester with plain blade (and Dual-Grip scales).
So, I will call my Forester as «rare bird from the past» 🙂

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564. Trooper

Victorinox Trooper is a civilian version of GAK-108 knife. This knife (GAK-108) was a predecessor for the whole family of Safari series (108-mm models). Moreover, it has two civilian variations of GAK-108, — mentioned Trooper with olive scales and Safari (Trooper) which has red scales.

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560. Sentinel Black-Oxide

The Victorinox Sentinel Black-Oxide model is a rare variation of popular Sentinel model. Accordingly to the SAKWiki:
The Black-Oxide Sentinel Clip (0.8416.M3) was first introduced in the special limited edition Victorinox Military Collector’s Set 2010. This All Black / Blackout version features black-oxide coated blade, liners, spring, keyring, and clip with black Nylon scales. The blade is one-hand opening with a plain-edge and a standard v-grind. Knives that were produced as part of the collection are numbered. A limited number of knives produced for sale in Europe outside of the collection are not numbered.

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559. Mariner

The Mariner is a predecessor of modern Helmsman model. It had absolutely the same tools but instead of blue scales with RoseWind print it has usual red scales without any additional prints.

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544. ATM — Outrider for Malaysian Armed Forces

As a special run, in 2009 Victorinox company produced a special edition of Outrider model for the Malaysian Armed Forces. This model has special Camouflage scales with printed logo on top scale and corkscrew replaced by the Phillips screwdriver.

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515. Cheese knife

The Victorinox Cheese knife was released in 2013 specially for US market. As probably you know, original version of this knife (also known as Käsemesser) was released exclusively for Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG as limited series in 2010. Probably, Victorinox decided to renew success of this model and as result new model was released. It’s almost the same knife, but with few small discrepancies:

  • now knife includes tweezers;
  • usual scales with printed shield on it;
  • lock-release button is grey;
  • no etchings on blade;
  • regular box instead of special packaging (version in blister packaging also was available).

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507. Swiss Shark

The Victorinox Swiss Shark is a definetely rare model, which was introduced in 2011 in  special run of 50 pieces (information from SAKWiki).
I couldn’t find enough information about this knife and it’s history nowhere in web, so if you have any information about it — please share it with me.
Interesting fact: The real name of this knife is a «Swiss shArK«. As you can see, three letters in upper case forms word «SAK«
507_01 507_02 507_03 507_04 507_05 507_06

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505. Altimeter Plus

The Altimeter Plus is an improved variation of Altimeter model. Historically if Victorinox released some known model with added wood-saw, this new model will get name of base model and «Plus» suffix. The same situation for this one — well known Altimeter got wood-saw and new name. Sadly, but both these models now are discontinued (replaced by Traveller model later).

 505_01 505_02 505_03 505_04 505_05 505_06 505_07 505_08 505_09 505_10

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