664. Outrider Damast LE2017

I’ve already mentioned several times, that in 2017 Victorinox discontinued slide-lock series (in 111-mm form-factor). So, it wasn’t a big surprise, when were announced, that as part of Damascus limited run, will be presented a new edition of very popular Outrider model (but with liner-lock for sure).
More interesting detail was the fact, that this version of Outrider will not include wood-saw and corkscrew.
Let’s review some pictures?
P.S. I’m not absolutely sure about materials of scales. On official press-release it was specified like:
…Epicurean scales with sequential numbering. These are manufactured using environmentally-friendly wood fiber material, that accentuate the elegant design.

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624. Spartan (Unspunnenfest commemorative)

In the end of summer 2017, specially for Unspunnenfest, Victorinox company released a limited run of Spartan model with unusual ‘3D-textured‘ scales, which are looks closely similar to natural stone (as main symbol of mentioned festival).
It wasn’t a first time when such type of scales were produced, but everything looks like we’ll see this type of scales more often starting from this year (White Christmas Explorer 2017, for instance).

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599. Evolution White Christmas – 2016

2016 year brings us a new variation of White Christmas series from Victorinox, which was started one year earlier. This time it was an Evolution 10 model from Delemont collection (ex-Wenger).

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523. Classic SD Sterling Silver Hammered

The Classic Sterling Silver model is almost the same model as popular Classic, but without needed toothpick / tweezers and a little bit higher price.

I couldn’t discover more differencies…

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520. Sig Stgw. 57 bayonet (1957)

Information from worldbayonets.com:

Knife bayonet for use on the renowned 7.5 mm. Sturmgewehr 57 assault rifle (the Rolls Royce of assault rifles), made by the firm Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft (S.I.G.).The Stgw. 57 had a very long service life, remaining in production from 1958–1983.

As the low serial number suggests, this is an early example. The “W + F” mark indicates assembly by Waffenfabrik Bern, while “Victoria Schwyz” identifies the blade supplier as the firm, Victorinox, located in Schwyz Canton.

The scabbard has the leather tab for securing in the Schmidt-Rubin belt frog. Most early scabbards had the tab removed when the Swiss changed over to the button-style frog commonly associated with the Stgw. 57 bayonet.

To avoid conflict, the Swiss government gave half of the military knife & bayonet blade production quota to Wenger and half to Victorinox. Victorinox acquired Wenger in 2005, however, continues marketing products under both trademarks.

S.I.G. produced an export model bayonet to go with export versions of the Stgw. 57. The only significant customer was Chile, who purchased 14,500 rifles chambered for the 7.62 mm. NATO cartridge. The 510–4 export bayonet differs from the domestic Stgw. 57 bayonet in minor details.


505. Altimeter Plus

The Altimeter Plus is an improved variation of Altimeter model. Historically if Victorinox released some known model with added wood-saw, this new model will get name of base model and “Plus” suffix. The same situation for this one – well known Altimeter got wood-saw and new name. Sadly, but both these models now are discontinued (replaced by Traveller model later).

 505_01 505_02 505_03 505_04 505_05 505_06 505_07 505_08 505_09 505_10

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488. SwissCard Nailcare

In 2016 Victorinox company announced a new variation of popular SwissCard.

Instead of pen blade absolutely new tool (glass file) was added. Also, LED light was replaced with the short tweezers and tootpick was added to the place where tweezers were placed before.

 488_01 488_02 488_03 488_04 488_05 488_06


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486. Lovec Limited

Hi All,

As I promised in last year :), I have to announce another model of Victorinox knife, which was released exclusively for Czech market – Lovec Limited!

In comparision with original Lovec, this model has horn scales and… doesn’t have back-side Phillips screwdriver.

 486_01 486_02 486_03 486_04 486_05 486_06


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467. DeLuxe

As SAKWiki said, it’s just a “luxury” version of famous Classic knife, but with “high luster enameled scales with a marbled pattern and gold trim“.

My version of Deluxe knife has one more sma-a-a-ll difference: there are no “Victorinox…” tang on the main blade. Instead of this regular well-known words it has another label – “PRETAT SWISS” and stylized image of trident.

So, can anybody provide any information about this knife and this type of tang? I hope, it’s a genuine Victorinox, not a replic from big Eastern country…

 467_01 467_02 467_03 467_04 467_05

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414. Model 234k (predecessor of Tourist)

This is a old knife from 1940-1950 years, which was called as Model 234k. Nearest model from our days – it’s a Tourist, which has the same size (84 mm) and the same tools.

It has genuine horn scales, old-shaped tools, bail instead of usual key-ring and looks very nice for its age.




  • ARMEE SUISSE (front)
  • INOXYD (crossbow) (back)

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