452. Alpineer (Passenger)

Few posts earlier I’ve mentioned that once (at least!) Victorinox company produced old models of knives with the names of existing, but different models.

The hero of current post — Passenger. Definetely rare knife, but now this knife becomes a Alpineer (by the way, original Alpineer is a 111-mm knife with another set of tools) and it makes it more rare than regular one.

N.B. In «Canada series» only this knife hasn’t tang «Economy» on the back side of main blade, two others — Scouter (Recruit) and Hiker (Spartan) — has this tang.

 452_01 452_02 452_03 452_04

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450. Hiker (Spartan)

Long long time ago in a galaxy far away… Sorry  😀
One more time: long time ago well-known company Victorinox produced set of three knives for Canadian distributor SMICO.
All of these knives were existing models, but for some reason, Victorinox decided to give new names for these knives — Spartan becomes a Hiker.
Why? Nobody knows.
450_02 450_03 450_01 450_04
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