556. Soldier Damast LE2012

In October 2012, Victorinox released a new knife in Damascus seriesSoldier / Trailmaster. It was first time when model of the year was a 111-mm with locking blade. Also this model had Swiss Walnut wooden scales.

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475. RangerWood Damast LE2015

Probably all readers of my blog know that every year (from 2010 if I’m not mistaken), company Victorinox released one knife as Limited edition of the current year. The major sign of such LE model – damasteel main blade.

In 2015 company Victorinox released as Limited edition ex-Wenger model RangerWood 55. In this edition knife comes without saw, but, as was mentioned, with damasteel main blade and etched serial number on the liner behind the corkscrew.

Maybe you remember that previously I’ve declared decision to collect only real Victorinox knives (no ex-Wenger models in other words). For this time it was a hard decision, but I hadn’t other choice! 🙂

So, just enjoy with photo of another masterpiece from Victorinox..

475_01 475_02 475_03 475_04 475_05 475_06 475_07 475_08 475_09 475_10 475_11 475_12 475_13 475_14 475_15 475_16

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424. Spartan Damast LE 2014

In 2014 year company Victorinox released as Limited Edition knife probably the most known model – Spartan. This knife as all previous LE has damasteel blade and limited to the 5’000 peaces worldwide.
­In comparison with previous year’s knife (Explorer 2013 LE) this one has much more accuracy wooden scales (I understand that it sounds very strange, but yes, I can confirm again – 2013 LE model had ugly polished scales).
It’s hard to say anything new about so famous knife as Spartan, so I prefer to post a lot of pictures instead 🙂
424_02 424_03 424_04