587. McKinley (Tinker)

The McKinley model is a one from few models, which all are part of series “Famous Mountains”. Actually, all of them are regular models, but all has serrated blade instead regular one.. and new name instead of habitual one.
So,  – McKinley, also known as Tinker – third item from “Famous Mountains” series in my collection.

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468. Matterhorn (Deluxe Tinker)

Victorinox Matterhorn – knife which looks like Deluxe Tinker, includes the same tools as Deluxe Tinker includes, but have another name (it’s a name of mountain in Alps, by the way 😉

In 199.. Victorinox produced three popular models (Tinker, Huntsman and Deluxe Tinker) with the partial serrated blades (original knives had plain ones). These 3 good old knives were produced with the “new” names – McKinley, Rainier and Matterhorn accordingly.


468_01 468_02 468_03 468_04 468_05 468_06 468_07

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