639. Special Pioneer X — VSAKCS 2016

Few years before, in 2016 Victorinox company realized a long-waited desire (I could say — obsession, but I wouldn’t) of hundreds people. They’re realized an Alox model with scissors (first one after vintage Voyager!) − Pioneer X.
Moreover, the same model was released as Damast knife of the Year soon after this. So, we had two new knives for this year. Is it enough? For sure − no, and specially for VSAKC society as model of the year was released ‘light’ version of  the same knife. It was called a Special Pioneer X and was thinner for few millimeters due to removed openers layer.
Stop talking, let’s see the pictures of this beauty..

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542. Evolution Wood 10 — VSAKCS 2015

The club’s model of VSAKCS for 2015 year is an ex-Wenger model Evolution Wood S10, but in new Victorinox design, which was made as a part of new series Victorinox Delemont Collection.

541. Pioneer 2223 — VSAKCS 2014

In 2014 VSAKCS released a new limited model — Pioneer 2223 (or Sea Pioneer). It’s a definetely rare model which was produced only several times with special-runs.

540. Explorer — VSAKCS 2013

In 2013 VSAKCS released as year’s knife Explorer model in honor of Carl Elsener Sr.

539. Doctor’s Knife — VSAKCS 2012

In the 2012 VSAKCS released probably the most unusual knife that ever they released — the Doctor’s knife. This knife contains very specific tool — medical spatula. I cannot remember other regular Victorinox knives which also has this tool, except SwissChamp XL-series. If I’m not mistaken, also one unique knife with spatula, based on Climber model was produced specially for Hewlett-Packard company.  Who knows more models?

538. Workman – VSAKCS 2011

This is another limited model from VSAKCSWorkman and (in comparision with previous one) — it’s an absolutely unique. It looks like enlarged version of Apprentice (84 mm) model. Definetely rare and valued knife!

537. Huntsman — VSAKCS 2010

In 2010 VSAKCS released (as limited edition for this year) regular Huntsman model in SilverTech scales. So, except tang on blade and stamping on scales — it’s an usual Huntsman.

536. Compact — VSAKCS 2009

The next model in my collection from Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Collectors Society (VSAKCS) is a Compact, anniversary knife for 2009 (hope that my attentive readers understood that I’m looking for models from 2007 to 2009 years)

This time VSAKCS used a regular model, but with unusual wooden scales. Looks beautifull, isn’t it?


535. Astronaut (Grand Prix) — VSAKCS-2006

At the beginning of this post I would like to say «Thank you!» to one good fellow, without his help probably I never didn’t find this knife (and several others by the way).

Jason, thanks! 🙂

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away when I just started my journey to the wonderfull world of SAKs, I’ve heard a legend about some group of collectors (maybe better call them «Secret orden»?) — Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Collectors Society, or VSAKCS. Every year, starting from 2000, this society released a new anniversary knife specially for members of this group. Sometimes these knives were a regular models, but sometimes… not. Every knife was produced in small quanities and has a special emblem on scales.

Very long introduction, sorry. Lets look at «Astronaut» model which was released for VSAKCS in 2006. First thing, that we can see — it’s not an original «Astronaut» model. Technically — it’s a Grand Prix model, with inlaid logo of Shuttle on its scales.

P.S. Some announce: several future posts will be related to the knives from the same series — VSAKCS!


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