564. Trooper

Victorinox Trooper is a civilian version of GAK-108 knife. This knife (GAK-108) was a predecessor for the whole family of Safari series (108-mm models). Moreover, it has two civilian variations of GAK-108, – mentioned Trooper with olive scales and Safari (Trooper) which has red scales.

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507. Swiss Shark

The Victorinox Swiss Shark is a definetely rare model, which was introduced in 2011 in  special run of 50 pieces (information from SAKWiki).
I couldn’t find enough information about this knife and it’s history nowhere in web, so if you have any information about it – please share it with me.
Interesting fact: The real name of this knife is a “Swiss shArK“. As you can see, three letters in upper case forms word “SAK
507_01 507_02 507_03 507_04 507_05 507_06

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