622. Escort 74

Victorinox Escort 74 – “enlarged” version of popular model Escort (58mm). Escort 74 has more variation than smaller one – it could be produced with and without key-ring, with different types of nail-file’s pattern and even with different scales – cellidor, smooth Alox and stainless steel versions were exists in the past.

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493. Companion 74 (pre-Executive)

The Victorinox Companion 74 basically is the same knife as modern Executive but with several small discrepancies:
  1. It (probably) has an open rivets
  2. Scissors (probably) has one-leaf spring
  3. Nail-file with old pattern
  4. Tweezers has metallic heading (optional)
  5. There are no key-ring (this is a main difference!)

After some investigation of old Victorinox catalogs I’ve discovered, that Companion 74 changed own name to the Executive (and got keyring and hidden rivets) approximatelly at the same time as Companion 58 model was released.

Can you imagine, which name Companion 58 had before this release? The answer is: Executive. No comments. 🙂




As epilogue, some photos from old Victorinox catalogs:

companion_74-01 companion_74-02 companion_74-04


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440. Escort 74

The Escort 74 is a not so popular knife as it’s smaller brother Escort 58. Again it’s the same case, when Victorinox re-use existing model’s name for another knife (like did it for Companion, Pocket Pal, Executive, Waiter, Climber and many-many others).

This knife can be described as enlarged copy of Escort 58 – almost the same tools (no toothpick / tweezers), but in comparison with smaller model, this knife might have different scales – cellidor, stainless steel, alox..

440_01 440_02 440_03 440_04

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425. Cigar Cutter

This small knife contains unique tool which was specially developed for cigar admirers. It looks as metal plate with three circular blades (very sharp!) for fine cutting cigar’s material.
Of course, this knife is not for regular using or EDC, – just another nice collector’s item.
425_01 425_02 425_03 425_04 425_05


  • PATENTED (back)

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