584. Lumberjack (old version)

Few weeks before I’ve reviewed a predecessor of current model LumberjackModel 2231. Ooops, now Lumberjack called as Walker, I can not get used to it..
But lets talk about knives. Today’s knife is a predecessor of Lumberjack model, which was a predecessor of today’s knife Walker… Much better 🙂
As Model 2231, this knife has a cap-lifter instead of combo-tool and cellidor scales instead of Alox ones, but doesn’t have dedicated name. At least, I couldn’t find it yet.

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450. Hiker (Spartan)

Long long time ago in a galaxy far away… Sorry  😀
One more time: long time ago well-known company Victorinox produced set of three knives for Canadian distributor SMICO.
All of these knives were existing models, but for some reason, Victorinox decided to give new names for these knives — Spartan becomes a Hiker.
Why? Nobody knows.
450_02 450_03 450_01 450_04
450_05 450_06 450_07

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