572. SwissChamp (100 Years)

Twenty years ago in honor of 100-years jubilee, company Victorinox announced a special run of limited series “100th Anniversary (1897-1997)”. This set included a two models:

I found first model from this list in mint condition, second one very hardly used..


Related models:

  • Champion
  • SwissChamp XL series

534. First Mate

The Victorinox First Mate is a 3-layers Alox model with pretty unusual (for this form-factor) tool. I’m talking about marlin-spike, – secret weapon of yachtmen and other marines. Majority of 93mm models with this tool are limited, extra-rare and high-valuable.

Related models:

  • Midshipman
  • Harvester
  • Pioneer 2223

532. Oath of Ruthli

The Victorinox Oath of Ruthli is a 7th knife in limited Battle series, which was produced during 1983-1991. Technically it’s a Mechanic with corkscrew, but without tootpick. As the rest of this series, Oath of Ruthli was limited to 9999 pieces.