657. NailClip 580

Victorinox NailClip 580 – small pocket knife from Delemont collection (yes, it means, that actually this is ex-Wenger model, not «genuine» Victorinox..) Anyway, I like it, so +1 item to my collection.

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650. Watch Maker 60

In previous post we’ve reviewed not very popular model (I wouldn’t say ‘rare’..), specially created for operations with watches.
So, now we’ll review new variation of this model. It’s a former Wenger model, and it has a very unique feature – it has a non-folding blade. Uncommon practice for this manufacturer, I cannot remember even another one with fixed blade (we’re not going to discuss bayonets, by the way).

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599. Evolution White Christmas — 2016

2016 year brings us a new variation of White Christmas series from Victorinox, which was started one year earlier. This time it was an Evolution 10 model from Delemont collection (ex-Wenger).

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542. Evolution Wood 10 — VSAKCS 2015

The club’s model of VSAKCS for 2015 year is an ex-Wenger model Evolution Wood S10, but in new Victorinox design, which was made as a part of new series Victorinox Delemont Collection.

401. Evolution S13

First knife that I have from new serie «Delemont Collection» (former Wenger).
It’s a result of compilation both branches — Victorinox & Wenger. Some tools, general shape, form-factor, original lock-mechanism became from original Wenger knife, but several tools were added/replaced by their Victorinox’ equivalents:  can-opener, awl, ttw.Stamp on main blade also was changed, now it’s a VICTORINOX SWISS MADE DELEMONT.
There are no meaning about «Officier..» on back side.
UPDATE: Swiss shield on main blade isn’t a metal inlaid, now it’s printed with white colour.
Short summary: I dissapointed 🙁Photos:



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