571. Carpenter

I’ve started to collect Victorinox knives approximatelly 5 years ago. I didn’t thought that probably, once I will say – “I have them all! :)”
Of course I’m talking about possible situation when some series or some set of models will be completely present in my collection…
One day this dream made a reality. Few months before (maybe 1 year? – I don’t remember exactly) I’ve bought a last member of my 111-mm models. It was a model named Carpenter. For the long months it was a my Unicorn-SAK, I’ve tried to find it everywhere… Moreover – once I won this knife on eBay auction, but unfortunatelly, parcel with this knife was lost on it’s way to the Ukraine. Second attempt was more lucky and I’ve decided that mission completed, my collection of 111-mm is full. But again, it was 1 year before, I didn’t supposed that when I will post info about this knife in my blog, Victorinox released a lot of new 111-models in 2017.

So, for now (2017-July) my collection still have a lot of missed knives… Seems, this story will be continued.


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559. Mariner

The Mariner is a predecessor of modern Helmsman model. It had absolutely the same tools but instead of blue scales with RoseWind print it has usual red scales without any additional prints.

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499. Adventurer (BSA)

The Victorinox Adventurer is a very old and popular 111-mm knife with simple set of tools. Usually it was produced with plain main blade only, but specially for BSA, it was released with serrated blade (version with plain blade and BSA print also known, but I still haven’t it 🙁

P.S. Usually I’m trying add to my posts some related images (from old catalogs etc.), but just today I’ve mentioned that in this brochure (see image below) from Victorinox, Fieldmaster model annonced as Huntsman. Is it mistake, what do you think?

499_01 499_02 499_03 499_04 499_05 499_06 499_07 499_08
1082x836_Victorinox 1990 Brochure - Scouting Models - Side 2

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492. Helmsman CS

The Helmsman CS is an unofficial name for variation of Helmsman with fully serrated blade. Original Helmsman has ¾ serrated blade.


492_01 492_02 492_03 492_04 492_05 492_06 492_07 492_08 492_09

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480. Trailmaster OH

Victorinox Trailmaster (Trekker) OH. As was mentioned before, it’s a civilian edition of army knife (Soldier 2008 / GAK 111).

This version has an old-style OH blade (elliptical hole).

 480_01 480_02 480_03 480_04

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465. Fireman OH (Black Oxide)

Victorinox Fireman is a 4-layers 111-mm knife. It was produced with regular and one-hand blade. Additionaly, version with OH serrated blade (because version with OH plain blade also was available in US market!) has a “limited” series – Black Blade, where main blade was black-oxide coated.

465_01 465_02 465_03 465_04 465_05

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443. My first Victorinox plus

My first Victorinox  Plus – probably best choice for young Victorinox enthusiasts.

443_01 443_02 443_03 443_05 443_04

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438. Victorinox Soldier 1890

This knife is Soldier 1890 (version of 1908 year). It’s a civilian variation (see tang “P” on reverse side of the blade) version of Soldier’s knife. Probably repaired by owner (with replacing main blade after 1952).

I would like to thank Igor Grigoriev (aka Novichok79) from Russian forum rusknife.com for his support with recognizing details of this knife!


438_01 438_02 438_03 438_04 438_05 438_06

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416. Trailmaster (Trekker)

Like previous record in this blog (Alox Pioneer), this knife can be called as “civilian” version of army knife. In 2003 year Victorinox released One-hand (OH) civilian version of German Army Knife. Originally it has name «Trailmaster», later on in US market it was renamed to «Trekker» (due to the some conflicts with already registered trademark).

In European markets it leaves with original name.

My version has regular (not OH)  blade and accordingly to the patent’s number on back side of blade – it from earlier releases.





  • DE-GM 9305297 (back)

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