609. Bijou SD (G.Bush signature)

A regular Bijou SD model, but with signature of somebody by name “G.Bush” (who is this person?) and gold logo of US vice-president.

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608. Classic SD (Atlanta Olympic Series)

Another limited Victorinox knife – Classic SD from series, dedicated to the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.

(photo from SAKWiki)

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605. Cadet (Copper colored)

The Victorinox Cadet is a very popular Alox model in 84-mm range. But this one is something relatively rare. Let’s check what SAKWiki knows:
A Copper colored model was available for a short time prior to 2006 and is considered a collector’s item.
P.S. Special thanks to Mile Živković  for the help with identifying!

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603. Standard (Marlboro Adventure Team)

The Victorinox Standard – “light” version of Spartan from Marlboro advertisment company.

Marlboro Standart

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589. Huntsman BSA (Fieldmaster in fact)

Current model is an another example of strange logic of Victorinox distributors, that was discussed many times (with no success).
In 1990-x they’re released a series of some Victorinox knives for the “Boy Scouts of America” organization. In this series were included next knives: Adventurer, Classic, Sentry, Tinker, Explorer (was listed by some dealers as Yeoman!), Climber and Pocked Pal (was released with name FeatherWeight).
Today’s hero also was a part of this huge series, but with name of different knife – Huntsman (actually it’s a Fieldmaster, no doubt).
Why, Carl Victorinox, why?

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588. Fisherman

The Victorinox Fisherman – old and vintage model with shackle, clip-point small blade and squared Phillips screwdriver with nail-file.

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