584. Lumberjack (old version)

Few weeks before I’ve reviewed a predecessor of current model LumberjackModel 2231. Ooops, now Lumberjack called as Walker, I can not get used to it..
But lets talk about knives. Today’s knife is a predecessor of Lumberjack model, which was a predecessor of today’s knife Walker… Much better 🙂
As Model 2231, this knife has a cap-lifter instead of combo-tool and cellidor scales instead of Alox ones, but doesn’t have dedicated name. At least, I couldn’t find it yet.

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575. TimeKeeper

The Victorinox TimeKeeper – an early variation of this unusual model.
The clock has dial with two Roman numerals (XII and VI) and 10 dashes (thanks, SAKWiki!).
Interesting fact: have you ever seen such paper instruction, as one which was included to this knife? I’ve faced with such type first time…

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573. Master Fisherman

The Master Fisherman is a definetely rare model. There are no enough information about this model in the web (except some topics on MTO).
Even SAKWiki mentioned absolutely nothing about this unique knife (but few weeks ago one good fellow added new page with short description there! ;))
So, Master Fisherman – extended variation of Fisherman by adding pliers.

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564. Trooper

Victorinox Trooper is a civilian version of GAK-108 knife. This knife (GAK-108) was a predecessor for the whole family of Safari series (108-mm models). Moreover, it has two civilian variations of GAK-108, – mentioned Trooper with olive scales and Safari (Trooper) which has red scales.

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548. Director

The Victorinox Director is a same model as Victorinox Executive but with the stainless steel scales. One more thing that should be menioned – design of these scales also was made in several patterns.

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546. Handyman. Old variation

The Victorinox Handyman knife could be a good example of model’s evolution.
Initially (in 197x) it was a 6-layers model with absolutely the same tool-set as old Champion model with only one difference – it never included long nail-file (as Champion did).
Later on Handyman was re-designed due to the availability of new tools  (I mean pliers, which was released in 1986) – fish-scaler was removed, fine screwdriver also was updated to the modern shape. After 1991, multifunctional hook was added to the Handyman tool-set.
P.S. The same situation is related to the Crafsman model – it also has 2 major editions – old (with fish-scaler) and new one (with pliers).

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543. Technician

The Victorinox Technician is a defintely rare model in 93-mm format which equipped with another rare tool – technician (or small in other words) screwdriver.
In addition to these combination of uniqueness, my knife was an official model for Swiss Federal Railways – on the top scale you can see stamped letters SBB-CFF, which means abbreviation for the name of this company in two languages, German and French accordingly:
Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB),
Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses (CFF)

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