668. Hoffritz LE2 (Troubleshooter)

The Victorinox Troubleshooter is very unusual model.
As far as I know (I’m not sure for 100%) first time Victorinox released this model for the promo-company of Marlboro company (as part of «Marlboro unlimited» series).
The second run was done for US reseller Hoffritz with special naming: Hoffritz LE2 (first edition (LE1) was also quite interesting and I still looking for this model).
The main differences from regular Troubleshooter:
  • no hook;
  • no chisel
  • old-style Phillips screwdriver (with can-opener)

Besides that, – big inlaid «LIMITED EDITION 2» on the back scale and serial number, stamped on liner (mine has number «1969/2000»)


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573. Master Fisherman

The Master Fisherman is a definetely rare model. There are no enough information about this model in the web (except some topics on MTO).
Even SAKWiki mentioned absolutely nothing about this unique knife (but few weeks ago one good fellow added new page with short description there! ;))
So, Master Fisherman — extended variation of Fisherman by adding pliers.

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