543. Technician (Model 2210)

The Victorinox Technician is a definetely rare model in 93-mm format which equipped with another rare tool — technician (or small in other words) screwdriver.
In addition to these combination of uniqueness, my knife was an official model for Swiss Federal Railways — on the top scale you can see stamped letters SBB-CFF, which means abbreviation for the name of this company in two languages, German and French accordingly:
Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB),
Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses (CFF)

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462. Handyman 7236maU

There are no too much information about this model in the web, even in SAKWiki, dedicated page was added just few monts before (Dec-2015).

So, this knife is a relatively rare model from 60-70s years of previous century. It has Elinox tang and shield. One of key features of this knife — technician screwdriver, which was present just on couple of models.

Unfortunately, my knife is in bad condition,  — it has reshapened blade. If you have the same model in better condition and would like to sell/trade it, — please contact me.

462_01 462_02 462_03 462_04 462_05
7236maU-1 7236maU-2 7236maU-3

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