641. Super Timer

Which model from Victorinox knives is a most ‘equipped‘?
If we will exclude from all variety of models few ones, produced not for people but for collectors, in result we’ll get a Super Timer — ‘older brother’ of famous Swiss Champ.
Additionally to all tools from Swiss Champ, this model has an analogue clock  (like TimeKeeper has) in own scales (and missing tweezers as result of this substitution).
Rare and nice.

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check tang

575. TimeKeeper

The Victorinox TimeKeeper — an early variation of this unusual model.
The clock has dial with two Roman numerals (XII and VI) and 10 dashes (thanks, SAKWiki!).
Interesting fact: have you ever seen such paper instruction, as one which was included to this knife? I’ve faced with such type first time…

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