507. Swiss Shark

The Victorinox Swiss Shark is a definetely rare model, which was introduced in 2011 in  special run of 50 pieces (information from SAKWiki).
I couldn’t find enough information about this knife and it’s history nowhere in web, so if you have any information about it — please share it with me.
Interesting fact: The real name of this knife is a «Swiss shArK«. As you can see, three letters in upper case forms word «SAK«
507_01 507_02 507_03 507_04 507_05 507_06

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481. Dual Pro X

Victorinox Dual Pro X is a 3-layers 111-mm knife, which was available only with Dual-Grip scales, was produced during short period of time (2010 — ???).
It’s very similar to model Dual Pro (but has plain blade instead of serrated one and Phillips screwdriver instead of corkscrew).
Another similar knife — it’s a DAK 2010, almost the same tools (except serrated blade) and scales (which are the same as in GAK 111).
481_01 481_02 481_03 481_04 481_05 481_06 481_07 481_08


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465. Fireman OH (Black Oxide)

Victorinox Fireman is a 4-layers 111-mm knife. It was produced with regular and one-hand blade. Additionaly, version with OH serrated blade (because version with OH plain blade also was available in US market!) has a «limited» series — Black Blade, where main blade was black-oxide coated.

465_01 465_02 465_03 465_04 465_05

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458. Jumpmaster

Jumpmaster is a 111-mm knife with 4 layers of tools, which includes a pretty uncommon Emergency/Belt Cutter blade. In some sources this knife described as predecessor of modern Rescue Tool. Also we can describe Jumpmaster as Fireman, but with backside Phillips screwdriver instead of corkscrew.

458_01 458_02 458_03 458_04 458_05

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431. Parachutist

Parachutist is a 3-layer 111-mm knife with liner-lock mechanism. It has the same tools as well-known Trailmaster, but instead wood-saw it has belt cutter. As all SAKs with liner-lock, it’s available only with black nylon scales.

This version has regular plain blade, also exists in OH version.

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