585. SwissChamp XXLT

The Victorinox SwissChamp XXLT knife is a one of fews, produced specially for stupid people collectors. Moreover – it’s a one from three (or four?) models which has extremely rare tool – Butane Lighter.
Short summary: nice, valuable, not suitable for EDC.

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550. SwissChamp XLT

The SwissChamp XLT isn’t so popular as EDC knife, but very valuable as collector’s item 🙂
This is an “enhanced” version of SwissChamp model, but little bit wider (11 layers instead of 8 layers in regular model).

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464. CyberTool 29

CyberTool 29 is a junior model from CyberTool series, which contains minimal tools set (from this series, of course).

I’ve already described in my blog “older brothers” of this knife – CyberTool 34 and CyberTool 41, so no additional details will be in current article.

464_01 464_02 464_03

406. CyberTool 41

The Victorinox CyberTool (CT) series was introduced almost 15 years ago. This series included 4 different models – CT29, CT34, CT41 and CT Lite. All of them has unique tool – bit driver (+ additional bits). At the current moment (2015) only CT series and some SwissChamp models (XLT, XAVT, XXLT) contains this tool.
The name of model represents how many functions includes in the knife. Besides these main models, two limited editions in CT series are exists – Beretta Tool and CT 125th Anniversary limited edition.
In 2015 Victorinox renamed knives in CT series from models 29, 34, 41 to S, M, L accordingly. Why? Better to ask their marketing department 🙂


406_01 406_04 406_03 406_02



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