654. Cheese knife

As I wrote in previous post, in 2017 Victorinox did a great surprise (If you know what I mean) for all collectors – they re-released some old models with slide-lock mechanism but this time with liner-lock. Technically (from my point of view) these models should be named as new ones, but Victorinox didn’t think so..
So, let’s review «new old» model – Cheese knife. In comparison with previous one, this model has a locking (and bigger) cap-lifter, awl without sewing eye and new locking mechanism for sure.

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515. Cheese knife

The Victorinox Cheese knife was released in 2013 specially for US market. As probably you know, original version of this knife (also known as Käsemesser) was released exclusively for Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG as limited series in 2010. Probably, Victorinox decided to renew success of this model and as result new model was released. It’s almost the same knife, but with few small discrepancies:

  • now knife includes tweezers;
  • usual scales with printed shield on it;
  • lock-release button is grey;
  • no etchings on blade;
  • regular box instead of special packaging (version in blister packaging also was available).

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427. Hardwood Cheese Knife

In 2013 Victorinox announced a new model — Hardwood Cheese Knife, which we can call as «inheritor» of Cheese knife. As his predecessor, this knife also have special cheese blade (for now only these 2 models contains this tool), but also has additional opener’s layer.
Hardwood cheese knife is a 3-layer knife with liner-lock (original Cheese knife has slide-lock!). In comparison with other models with liner-lock, in this knife only main blade can be locked in opened position, there are no possibility to lock bottle-opener (flat screwdriver). Also, as you can see from pictures — there are two differences from other liner-lock models:
  1. bottle-opener is smaller than usually (only slide-lock knives has such type of bottle-opener)
  2. reamer (awl) has sewing-eye (again — as other slide-, not liner-lock models).
So, in this knife we have a combination of very unique features:
  • hardwood scales
  • cheese blade
  • non-locking (smaller) bottle-opener
  • unusual awl

I think, it’s good enough for one knife, isn’t it?

 427_01 427_02 427_03


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