496. Mountaineer Lite

The Victorinox Mountaineer Lite is a relatively rare 5-layers 91-mm knife, which based on more common Mountaineer model.  Addon “Lite” in it’s name means (as you already know! ;)) that this knife has an additional layer with LED light and inline Phillips screwdriver.

Interesting fact: Mountaineer Lite is a unique model, which was produced only in blue transparent scales.

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495. Whitetail Deer

This knife is a another member of series from 4 unusual knives, which were made specially for SMKW company by Victorinox in 2009.

Technically this model is a modified Hiker with added “Lite layer”, which includes LED light and inline Phillips screwdriver. Another one difference is a common for all knives in this series – backside reamer was replaced by a technician screwdriver.

Interesting fact: this knife includes three different screwdrivers (also we can add to this list 2 screwdrivers, which are part of cap-lifter and can-opener). So, in result we have five (5!) screwdrivers in one knife. Seems, it’s an achievement! Except Whitetail Deer, only Master Electrician contains the same amount of screwdrivers (and both knives were produced exclusively for SMKW company!)


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494. Voyager Lite

The Victorinox Voyager Lite is a one from few models which are equipped with embedded electronic tools. As the knife’s name implies, it’s a enhanced version of Voyager model. Usually models with “Lite” addon in their names has additional tools layer, which includes LED light and Phillips screwdriver. Same is true for Voyager Lite.

As for now, this model is discontinued and replaced by more efficient Traveller Lite (which has additional electronic tools). By the way, if I’m not mistaken, there are no way to recognize (by photo only) these two models – their external look absolutely the same.

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417. Traveller Lite

Victorinox Traveller Lite is a one from several models, which has embedded electronic module. Electronic module of this knife contains all available tools:

  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Thermometer
  • Clock
  • Timer
  • Alarm

Also this model has “improved” scales with pen, toothpick and shortest variation of tweezers (first models of Victorinox knives with electronic tools didn’t have place for tweezers in back scale).





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