675. Golfer 84 (b)

The Golfer (84-mm), no doubt, is a one of the fundamental models from Victorinox. We can call it as “father” of modern Compact.
Victorinox Golfer 84 was produced in many variations, including different types of scales and even different tools.
Suffix “b” in naming isn’t official, it’s my personal marking, which I’m using for understanding that this a second variation (first one, which I prefer to call Golfer 84 (a) has a small blade instead of combo-tool.
Is it necessary to say that variation of Golfer 84 which includes a long nail file is a highly valuable?

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522. Champion (a)

The Victorinox Champion (type a) was a flagman of all 91-mm models before SwissChamp was released in the middle of 1980xx.

As SAKWiki mentioned, it was a very strange practice when the same name Champion was used for the different models – with corkscrew (Champion a) and Phillips screwdriver (Champion b) on the back-side. Usually models with such tools replacement got a different names (like Spartan / Tinker).


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