559. Mariner

The Mariner is a predecessor of modern Helmsman model. It had absolutely the same tools but instead of blue scales with RoseWind print it has usual red scales without any additional prints.

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  • Mariner CS
  • Helmsman (CS)

541. Pioneer 2223 – VSAKCS 2014

In 2014 VSAKCS released a new limited model – Pioneer 2223 (or Sea Pioneer). It’s a definetely rare model which was produced only several times with special-runs.

534. First Mate

The Victorinox First Mate is a 3-layers Alox model with pretty unusual (for this form-factor) tool. I’m talking about marlin-spike, – secret weapon of yachtmen and other marines. Majority of 93mm models with this tool are limited, extra-rare and high-valuable.


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  • Pioneer 2223

453. Skipper

Victorinox Skipper is a 4-layers 111-mm knife oriented for marine usage. As previously reviewed Helmsman, it also has unusual blue scales with Windrose print and includes special tool: shackle opener with marlin-spike.

In comparision with Helmsman, this knife has additional pliers and inline Phillips screwdriver. Instead of backside Phillips screwdriver it has corkscrew.

Similar to the Helmsman, Skipper exists with two types of serrated main blade:
  • fully serrated  (Skipper CS ???)
  • ¾ serrated

Version with red coloured scales probably also exists (as earlier models), but I didn’t seen them.

453_01 453_02 453_03

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  • Skipper CS

439. Helmsman

Victorinox Helmsman is a 3-layers 111-mm knife with unusual (for this form-factor) blue color of scales and white print of wind rose.

First version of Helmsman had usual red scales without any print and was known as Mariner (I’m still looking for this model for reasonable price, by the way!).

This knife contains unique tool which was designed specially for marine usage –  Shackle Opener with Marlinspike.

My variation of knife has partially serrated blade, version with fully serrated blade also exists and known as Helmsman CS (unofficial name).

439_01 439_02 439_03 439_04

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