634. Tinker Small

Another Tinker Small in my collection – nice vintage version with clip-point small blade, squared Phillips screwdriver (with can-opener but without nail-file on it) and so on..

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588. Fisherman

The Victorinox Fisherman – old and vintage model with shackle, clip-point small blade and squared Phillips screwdriver with nail-file.

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483. Master Craftsman

Technically it’s the same model as Ranger with corkscrew replaced by Phillips screwdriver, but Master Craftsman is much more rare knife.

As probably you know, Master Craftsman has several variations related to the Space program – Astronaut / Shuttle (Space Shuttle) models. All these models had inlaid logo of Space Shuttle on top scale.

My knife is an old one – it has old-style small blade, squared Phillips on the back and there are no hook / chisel / fine screwdriver at all.

 483_01 483_02 483_03 483_04 483_05 483_06 483_07 483_08 483_09

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400. Craftsman. Old variation


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Craftsman (Model 1.4793)

Prior to 1987, the Craftsman model, first introduced around 1973, had some important tool differences in addition to the standard evolutionary changes in the tools or common changes like the hook.

a. includes Fishscaler
b. no Pliers
c. no Chisel