681. SwissTool BS

In 2016 Victorinox company released two new / old models of multi-tools: SwissTool and SwissTool Spirit. Why “new / old”? Because they’re absolutely the same models, as produced before, but with new black-oxide coating (like in previously realized special runs of these multi-tools for Danish / Finnish / etc army forces).
We’ve already reviewed SwissTool Spirit XBS in the past, now let’s review the older brother – SwissTool BS.
Official press-release (in German) available here.

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654. Cheese knife

As I wrote in previous post, in 2017 Victorinox did a great surprise (If you know what I mean) for all collectors – they re-released some old models with slide-lock mechanism but this time with liner-lock. Technically (from my point of view) these models should be named as new ones, but Victorinox didn’t think so..
So, let’s review “new old” model – Cheese knife. In comparison with previous one, this model has a locking (and bigger) cap-lifter, awl without sewing eye and new locking mechanism for sure.

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637. Picknicker (91mm)

The Victorinox Picknicker – old and vintage 91-mm model which is very similar to more popular Camper, but with serrated blade instead of regular blade and pruning blade instead of small blade.
From SAKWiki: In Germany this knife initially was known as Campingmesser.
Interesting (and confusing) fact: in old Victorinox catalogs (see pictures below) under Picknicker name were listed two models – with and without saw..

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597. Trailmaster Grip

[sarcasmMode] Innovations from Victorinox, – just add new color scales and… Hooray! New model was released! [/sarcasmMode]
Very popular model Trailmaster was released in 2016 with new desert camouflage scales as Trailmaster Grip.

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587. McKinley (Tinker)

The McKinley model is a one from few models, which all are part of series “Famous Mountains”. Actually, all of them are regular models, but all has serrated blade instead regular one.. and new name instead of habitual one.
So,  – McKinley, also known as Tinker – third item from “Famous Mountains” series in my collection.

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585. SwissChamp XXLT

The Victorinox SwissChamp XXLT knife is a one of fews, produced specially for stupid people collectors. Moreover – it’s a one from three (or four?) models which has extremely rare tool – Butane Lighter.
Short summary: nice, valuable, not suitable for EDC.

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559. Mariner

The Mariner is a predecessor of modern Helmsman model. It had absolutely the same tools but instead of blue scales with RoseWind print it has usual red scales without any additional prints.

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529. Soldier 2008 (Fu Br 41)

This version of Victorinox Soldier 2008 (militarian version of civilian Trailmaster) I bought accidentally here, in Ukraine. I was surprised with a logo, printed on top scale – something which was called a “Fu Br 41“.
After short (very short) investigation I founf information about this Swiss army unit – Command Support Brigade 41.
In Deutch it sounds more dramatically (I’m not sure that can pronounce it ;):
Die Führungsunterstützungsbrigade 41 
Besides that, it’s a regular SAK 2008 (year of production is 2011).
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526. SwissTool

The Victorinox SwissTool was introduced in 1997. Later on several modifications with different set of tools were released (Version X – with scissors and RS – with belt-cutter). Original version (regular SwissTool) also had a lot of small modifications due to the evolution of tools. The last known (for me) modification – is a current one, when serrated blade changed own shape from regular to the wharncliffe blade.


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517. SwissTool Spirit S

The SwissTool Spirit is a one from very small variety of multi-tools made by Victorinox. Basically, Victorinox produced only two (2!!!) models of multi-tools, – mentioned Spirit and more massive SwissTool, but each of these models has several variations.
Let’s talk regarding Spirit’s modifications. At the beginning I’d like to say, that I’m not going to classify it’s modifications by color of coating and/or additional tools (I mean Plus packages) – only by tools’ combinations.
Each Spirit model has 10 base tools (stored in handles) + pliers. Several of these tools (8) are common for all existing modifications.
Base tools for all modifications are:
  1. Wood saw
  2. Awl with hook at base
  3. Cap lifter/6mm screwdriver/crate opener/wire bender notch
  4. Chisel/scraper/wire strippers/wire cutter
  5. Metal file/Metal saw
  6. Can opener/3mm screwdriver (Flat/Phillips)
  7. Phillips screwdriver (No 1,2)
  8. Small long screwdriver (2mm)
Tools, that can be found only in specified modifications:
  1. Scissors
  2. Serrated sheepsfoot blade (butter knife)
  3. Regular plain blade
For the current moment three modifications of Spirit are exists (again, I’m talking only about modifications with different tool-sets):
  • Spirit – has scissors and butter knife (no regular blade);
  • Spirit S – has butter knife and regular blade (no scissors);
  • Spirit X – has scissors and regular blade (no butter knife).
Besides this classification, known sub-modification of Spirit X with changed pliers – special tool blasting-cap-crimper was added to the nose of them. Originally this version of Spirit was developed for Army forces, but later on this model became available for everyone.

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515. Cheese knife

The Victorinox Cheese knife was released in 2013 specially for US market. As probably you know, original version of this knife (also known as Käsemesser) was released exclusively for Switzerland Cheese Marketing AG as limited series in 2010. Probably, Victorinox decided to renew success of this model and as result new model was released. It’s almost the same knife, but with few small discrepancies:

  • now knife includes tweezers;
  • usual scales with printed shield on it;
  • lock-release button is grey;
  • no etchings on blade;
  • regular box instead of special packaging (version in blister packaging also was available).

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499. Adventurer (BSA)

The Victorinox Adventurer is a very old and popular 111-mm knife with simple set of tools. Usually it was produced with plain main blade only, but specially for BSA, it was released with serrated blade (version with plain blade and BSA print also known, but I still haven’t it 🙁

P.S. Usually I’m trying add to my posts some related images (from old catalogs etc.), but just today I’ve mentioned that in this brochure (see image below) from Victorinox, Fieldmaster model annonced as Huntsman. Is it mistake, what do you think?

499_01 499_02 499_03 499_04 499_05 499_06 499_07 499_08
1082x836_Victorinox 1990 Brochure - Scouting Models - Side 2

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489. Trailmaster OH

I’ve already described both variations of Victorinox Trailmaster models (with One-Hand and regular blade) before in my blog.

This instance is a newer variation of OH version; in comparision with older one, it has more circular hole on main blade (see last picture)

 489_01 489_02 489_03 489_04 489_05 489_06 489_07

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468. Matterhorn (Deluxe Tinker)

Victorinox Matterhorn – knife which looks like Deluxe Tinker, includes the same tools as Deluxe Tinker includes, but have another name (it’s a name of mountain in Alps, by the way 😉

In 199.. Victorinox produced three popular models (Tinker, Huntsman and Deluxe Tinker) with the partial serrated blades (original knives had plain ones). These 3 good old knives were produced with the “new” names – McKinley, Rainier and Matterhorn accordingly.


468_01 468_02 468_03 468_04 468_05 468_06 468_07

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465. Fireman OH (Black Oxide)

Victorinox Fireman is a 4-layers 111-mm knife. It was produced with regular and one-hand blade. Additionaly, version with OH serrated blade (because version with OH plain blade also was available in US market!) has a “limited” series – Black Blade, where main blade was black-oxide coated.

465_01 465_02 465_03 465_04 465_05

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439. Helmsman

Victorinox Helmsman is a 3-layers 111-mm knife with unusual (for this form-factor) blue color of scales and white print of wind rose.

First version of Helmsman had usual red scales without any print and was known as Mariner (I’m still looking for this model for reasonable price, by the way!).

This knife contains unique tool which was designed specially for marine usage –  Shackle Opener with Marlinspike.

My variation of knife has partially serrated blade, version with fully serrated blade also exists and known as Helmsman CS (unofficial name).

439_01 439_02 439_03 439_04

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