641. Super Timer

Which model from Victorinox knives is a most ‘equipped‘?
If we will exclude from all variety of models few ones, produced not for people but for collectors, in result we’ll get a Super Timer – ‘older brother’ of famous Swiss Champ.
Additionally to all tools from Swiss Champ, this model has an analogue clock  (like TimeKeeper has) in own scales (and missing tweezers as result of this substitution).
Rare and nice.

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check tang

596. SwissChamp Hardwood

The Victorinox “flagman” model from 91-mm series – SwissChamp.
This variation has wooden scales, but without place-holders for “plus-tools”: stainless pin and pen.

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572. SwissChamp (100 Years)

Twenty years ago in honor of 100-years jubilee, company Victorinox announced a special run of limited series “100th Anniversary (1897-1997)”. This set included a two models:

I found first model from this list in mint condition, second one very hardly used..


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550. SwissChamp XLT

The SwissChamp XLT isn’t so popular as EDC knife, but very valuable as collector’s item 🙂
This is an “enhanced” version of SwissChamp model, but little bit wider (11 layers instead of 8 layers in regular model).

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543. Technician

The Victorinox Technician is a definetely rare model in 93-mm format which equipped with another rare tool – technician (or small in other words) screwdriver.
In addition to these combination of uniqueness, my knife was an official model for Swiss Federal Railways – on the top scale you can see stamped letters SBB-CFF, which means abbreviation for the name of this company in two languages, German and French accordingly:
Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB),
Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses (CFF)

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524. Wild Turkey

The Wild Turkey is an unique knife produced specially for SMKW company in 2009. This is a last one from all 4 knives from this series in my collection.

Technically this knife is a Hiker, but with usual (for this series) tools replacement – it has technical screwdriver instead of reamer.


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495. Whitetail Deer

This knife is a another member of series from 4 unusual knives, which were made specially for SMKW company by Victorinox in 2009.

Technically this model is a modified Hiker with added “Lite layer”, which includes LED light and inline Phillips screwdriver. Another one difference is a common for all knives in this series – backside reamer was replaced by a technician screwdriver.

Interesting fact: this knife includes three different screwdrivers (also we can add to this list 2 screwdrivers, which are part of cap-lifter and can-opener). So, in result we have five (5!) screwdrivers in one knife. Seems, it’s an achievement! Except Whitetail Deer, only Master Electrician contains the same amount of screwdrivers (and both knives were produced exclusively for SMKW company!)


495_01 495_02 495_03 495_04 495_05 495_06 495_07 495_08 495_09 495_10


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473. Fischermesser (235 fma ?)

First of all I have to say, that probably I was wrong and this knife is a another modification of  Fischermesser. If you’ll compare images of actual knife with the pictures from Victorinox catalogs (see below), you will find several differences.

  • There are no shackle (keyring instead of it). So it cannot be 235 fmaU fo sure (U – means shackle).
  • Fish inlay on original scales (knife was repaired, photo of original knife you also can find below) was placed on bottom side (Victorinox shield also was present there, as on today’s models Angler/Fisherman). Original Fischermesser had fish inlay instead of shield on top side of scale.
  • This knife has an additional tool (in comparision with 235 fmaU) –  on back-side.

I summary – I don’t know what exactly this model is. I never saw it before and I couldn’t find any information about this knife yet.

So any your help (with identifying this knife) will be very appreciated!

P.S. Knife was repaired (replacing of both blades, new scales) by my friend Ivan.

473_01 473_02 473_03 473_04 473_05 473_06 473_07
What was before:
fischermesser victorinox-1970s-catalog-26-models-pg-01

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462. Handyman 7236maU

There are no too much information about this model in the web, even in SAKWiki, dedicated page was added just few monts before (Dec-2015).

So, this knife is a relatively rare model from 60-70s years of previous century. It has Elinox tang and shield. One of key features of this knife – technician screwdriver, which was present just on couple of models.

Unfortunately, my knife is in bad condition,  – it has reshapened blade. If you have the same model in better condition and would like to sell/trade it, – please contact me.

462_01 462_02 462_03 462_04 462_05
7236maU-1 7236maU-2 7236maU-3

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455. Bass Fishing

Few posts before, I’ve described American Eagle knife, which was produced in 2009 for SMKW company as a special series – Wildlife. Today’s knife is an another knife from the same series – Bass Fishing.

It’s a 4-layers knife with an unusual toolset, and, as unique feature, like all knives in this series, it has a Fine Screwdriver on back side. Scales are made from transparent blue cellidor with printed photo of bass and white-letter printed knife’s name.

455_01455_05 455_04 455_03 455_02

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