650. Watch Maker 60

In previous post we’ve reviewed not very popular model (I wouldn’t say ‘rare’..), specially created for operations with watches.
So, now we’ll review new variation of this model. It’s a former Wenger model, and it has a very unique feature – it has a non-folding blade. Uncommon practice for this manufacturer, I cannot remember even another one with fixed blade (we’re not going to discuss bayonets, by the way).

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649. Watch case opener

Not so popular, but anyway interesting model – Watch case opener. It was produced in Alox scales either neylon and cellidor (current one).
Interesting fact: special blade for opening watch cases is present only in this model and Swiss Champ XAVT / XXLT.

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585. SwissChamp XXLT

The Victorinox SwissChamp XXLT knife is a one of fews, produced specially for stupid people collectors. Moreover — it’s a one from three (or four?) models which has extremely rare tool — Butane Lighter.
Short summary: nice, valuable, not suitable for EDC.

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