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927. Standard / Bijou SD set “Maxim Gorki”

Hi, World! Almost one year I didn’t publish any new posts, so I need to return to work with my

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923. Companion 74 (celluloid scales)

Here we have an old Companion 74 (predecessor of Executive model) with fancy scales from material remarkably like celluloid. This

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914. Tourist (UBS)

The Victorinox Tourist model is a well-known and popular model, which was often used for advertising purposes. I have few

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913. Standard (Swiss Knight)

There is another Standard in my collection. Even though I have several of them I couldn’t resist and did not

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904. Luxury Automobile (Cadillac)

The Victorinox Luxury Automobile is the one from rare and high-valued SAKs which ever were produced. Over the years, this

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