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887. Camper

The Victorinox Camper is a three-layered knife in 91-mm form-factor. This model was presented in my blog several times, but

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877. Alox Cadet LE 2019

You probably noticed that for several years already, here, in my blog, after the review of the first knife (Classic

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875. Spartan Pruner

The Spartan Pruner (unofficial name) can be called another variation of Spartan, like recent knife from previous post, but this

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873. Tinker Deluxe

The Victorinox Tinker Deluxe is an ‘enhanced’ version of simple Tinker model which was created by adding two layers with

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854. Apprentice

The Victorinox Apprentice is a simple single-layered knife in 84-mm, remarkably like the well-known Waiter, but with Phillips screwdriver on

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