Changes in 111-mm line-up from 2017

In 2017 Victorinox company discontinued slide-lock models in 111-mm form-factor. Some models were re-released with liner-lock mechanism, but unfortunately not all of them.
Due to change of locking mechanism, new variations are different from their first, slide-lock variations. First of all, it’s a different order of layers, besides that, new models were equipped with another variations of cap-lifter (with locking mechanism) and awl (without sewing eye).
In order to simplify understanding what exactly was done with 111-mm models, I have created an Excel document, which shows all differences between old and new models; another pdf-document I found somewhere in the web and unfortunately, I don’t know his author (all rights belong to him).
For sure, you can find pictures of any (I suppose) 111-mm model, which were produced before and after 2017, here, in my blog:


Differencies in 111-mm (excel file)

Differencies in 111-mm (PDF file)


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