630. Climber

The Victorinox Climber, probably is most popular model (after Spartan, for sure). It was produced with dozens of design changes: with different scales (I mean both – colors and materials) and as limited editions..
The current variation is a little bit different from regular one – it doesn’t included regular toothpick and tweezers.
Although that variation without key-ring had a dedicated name (long-long time ago it was called as Traveller), this one also was known as regular Climber.
UPDATE: added picture from old Victorinox catalog (Victorinox_1989 Swiss Army Brands Catalog.pdf) in order to show the difference between Climber and Traveller models.



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10 thoughts on “630. Climber”

    1. Not only. There are several points of view. One of them is that Climber before 1991 was named Traveler. And both Traveler and Climber were in several sub-types: with and without a keyring, tweezers and/or toothpick.

    2. Seems, we’ve already discussed it. If I’m not mistaken, in some SAB catalogs, Climber and Traveller were presented both simultaneously

    3. Алексей Ершов I’ve added one picture from old catalog to the original post – both models (Climber and Travel(l)er are present there 😉

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