872. Budding and Pruning Knife 3 (3.9116)

There is another knife from big variety of knives for gardeners and nurseries, produced by Victorinox.
This model has three blades, two of them (sharp pointed tip blade and small pruning blade) are made from stainless steel, while third one (called bark lifter) – from brass.
I already have the same model in my collection. This particular knife I’ve bought just due to the amusing fact, – it has a two different tangs on it’s blades:
  • VSMS (Victorinox Swiss Made Stainless) – on the sharp pointed tip blade
  • VSSR (Victorinox Switzerland Stainless Rostfrei) – on the small pruning blade
The second type of tang isn’t in use since 2009, seems knife was produced later, but Victorinox had a lot of blades with old-style tang, so both were used for accomplishing this knife.
Interesting fact: now this knife listed on Victorinox site as Budding and Pruning Knife 3 model, earlier it was known as Budding and garden knife (3.9116)
Interesting fact #2: I already mentioned it, but in case you’ve missed that – pay attention to the position of blades (scroll down and check images from old brochure), two of them were reversed during years

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