597. Trailmaster Grip

[sarcasmMode] Innovations from Victorinox, – just add new color scales and… Hooray! New model was released! [/sarcasmMode] Very popular model Trailmaster was released in 2016 with new desert camouflage scales as Trailmaster Grip. Photos: Related models: Forester GAK-111 / Soldier 2008 SAKWiki

489. Trailmaster OH

I’ve already described both variations of Victorinox Trailmaster models (with One-Hand and regular blade) before in my blog. This instance is a newer variation of OH version; in comparision with older one, it has more circular hole on main blade (see last picture) Photos:   Related models: GAK / Soldier 2008 Forester SAKWiki

416. Trailmaster (Trekker)

Like previous record in this blog (Alox Pioneer), this knife can be called as “civilian” version of army knife. In 2003 year Victorinox released One-hand (OH) civilian version of German Army Knife. Originally it has name «Trailmaster», later on in US market it was renamed to «Trekker» (due to the some conflicts with already registered trademark). In … Continue reading 416. Trailmaster (Trekker)

679. Locksmith OH

Not only Forester model got a plain one-hand blade in 2017 year (this is a sad date, when whole slide-lock 111-mm series was withdrawn), as you can see from pictures below, Locksmith model now also available with such kind of blade (..and glamour red color of scales also). Photos: Related models: Master RT Trailmaster SAKWiki

678. Forester OH

I already have several Forester models in my collection, – all of them has the same (almost the same) tools-set, but with little differences. It’s a popular model, no doubt, so it’s looks logical that Victorinox produced this model with different variations: with and without one-hand opening, with plain and serrated blades. Even once Forester was … Continue reading 678. Forester OH

653. Forester Wood

In 2017 Victorinox announced a serious reorganization of their 111-mm series. Accordingly to it, all models with slider-lock were discontinued. As a (partial) replacement, few liner-lock models were released. One of them (and first item in my collection) – very popular model Forester, but with nicely wooden scales. Photos: Related models: Rucksack Trailmaster SAKWiki

620. Classic SD (Desert Camouflage)

Few monts before I’ve listed in my blog two knives from “Desert Camouflage 2016” series – Huntsman and Trailmaster Grip Today’s model is a last member of this series – regular Classic SD with new pattern on scales – Desert Camouflage. Article number of this model is 0.6223.941. Photos: Related models: Classic Bijou SAKWiki

594. Forester

The Victorinox Forester isn’t rare model. Even One Hand Forester model. But One Hand Forester with plain blade – it’s a rare bird. I even say – it’s an “extemely rare bird”. But it’s true for the past, because in 2017 Victorinox re-launched variation One Hand Forester with plain blade (and Dual-Grip scales). So, I … Continue reading 594. Forester

556. Soldier Damast LE2012

In October 2012, Victorinox released a new knife in Damascus series – Soldier / Trailmaster. It was first time when model of the year was a 111-mm with locking blade. Also this model had Swiss Walnut wooden scales. Photos: Related models: Soldier 2008 Trailmaster / Trekker SAKWiki

529. Soldier 2008 (Fu Br 41)

This version of Victorinox Soldier 2008 (militarian version of civilian Trailmaster) I bought accidentally here, in Ukraine. I was surprised with a logo, printed on top scale – something which was called a “Fu Br 41“. After short (very short) investigation I founf information about this Swiss army unit – Command Support Brigade 41. In … Continue reading 529. Soldier 2008 (Fu Br 41)

516. Forester

The Victorinox Forester is a popular 111-mm model with 3 layers of tools. It has several variations, related to using standard neylon or modern Dual-Grip scales, also it was produced with regular plain or One-Hand serrated blade. Version with One-Hand regular blade is also known, but a definetely rare one. Photos: Related models: Trailmaster Rucksack … Continue reading 516. Forester

503. Forester OH

The Victorinox Forester is a 3-layer 111-mm which was produced in several variations – with One-hand and regular blades, with standart neylon and Dual-Grip scales. Current instance is a Ohe-hand variation with serrated blade and usual black scales. Interesting  fact: version with One-hand regular (non-serrated) blade was produced during a very short period and for … Continue reading 503. Forester OH

431. Parachutist

Parachutist is a 3-layer 111-mm knife with liner-lock mechanism. It has the same tools as well-known Trailmaster, but instead wood-saw it has belt cutter. As all SAKs with liner-lock, it’s available only with black nylon scales. This version has regular plain blade, also exists in OH version. Photos:   Related models: Jumpmaster Trailmaster  SAKWiki

426. Parachutist OH

One-handed version of Parachutist model originally was known as Rescuer. Later on, probably when Rescue Tool model was introduced, was renamed to the current name – OH Parachutist. It almost the same as regular Parachutist, but with the serrated blade. Another interesting thing – older shape of opening hole on the main blade (more elliptical than modern … Continue reading 426. Parachutist OH